Here’s the Artist List for the 2018 New Museum Triennial

Hardeep Pandhal, Career Suicide (still), 2016, HD video.


The New Museum has revealed the list for its 2018 New Museum Triennial, which opens on February 13 and runs through May 27. Curated by New Museum curator Gary Carrion-Murayari and Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami deputy director and chief curator Alex Gartenfeld, the exhibition will be titled “Songs for Sabotage,” and will include more than 30 artists from 19 countries—a much smaller group than the last triennial, in 2015, which included 51 artists.

The exhibition, which is the triennial’s fourth edition, will loosely focus on the relationship between art objects and the societies artists hail from, with meditations on the circulation of images and the legacies of colonialism and systemic racism interspersed throughout. “The exhibition amounts to a call for action, an active engagement, and an interference in political and social structures urgently requiring them,” a press release reads.

The triennial’s artist list follows in full below.

  • Cian Dayrit (b. 1989, Manila, Philippines; lives and works in Rizal, Philippines)
  • Violet Dennison (b. 1989, Bridgeport, CT; lives and works in New York, NY)
  • Tomm El-Saieh (b. 1984, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; lives and works in Miami, FL)
  • Janiva Ellis (b. 1987, Oakland, CA; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA)
  • Claudia Martínez Garay (b. 1983, Ayacucho, Peru; lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Haroon Gunn-Salie (b. 1989, Cape Town, South Africa; lives and works between Johannesburg, South Africa, and Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
  • Matthew Angelo Harrison (b. 1989, Detroit, MI; lives and works in Detroit, MI)
  • Tiril Hasselknippe (b. 1984, Arendal, Norway; lives and works in Oslo, Norway)
  • Inhabitants (founded in 2015, New York, NY, by Pedro Neves Marques and Mariana Silva)
  • KERNEL (founded in 2009, Athens, Greece by Pegy Zali, Petros Moris and Theodoros Giannakis; lives and works in Athens, Greece)
  • Manolis D. Lemos (b. 1989, Athens, Greece; lives and works in Athens, Greece)
  • Zhenya Machneva (b. 1988, Leningrad, Russia; lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Chemu Ng’ok (b. 1989, Nairobi, Kenya; lives and works in Grahamstown, South Africa)
  • Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude (b. 1988, Harare, Zimbabwe; lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • Daniela Ortiz (b. 1985, Cusco, Peru; lives and works in Barcelona, Spain)
  • Lydia Ourahmane (b. 1992, Saïda, Algeria; lives and works between Oran, Algeria, and London, UK)
  • Hardeep Pandhal (b. 1985, Birmingham, UK; lives and works in Glasgow, UK)
  • Dalton Paula (b. 1982, Brasília, Brazil; lives and works in Goiânia, Brazil)
  • Julia Phillips (b. 1985, Hamburg, Germany; lives and works in New York, NY)
  • Wong Ping (b. 1984, Hong Kong; lives and works in Hong Kong)
  • Anupam Roy (b. 1985, West Bengal, India; lives and works in New Delhi, India)
  • Manuel Solano (b. 1987, Mexico City, Mexico; lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Diamond Stingily (b. 1990, Chicago, IL; lives and works in Brooklyn, NY)
  • Song Ta (b. 1988, Leizhou, China; lives and works in Guangzhou, China)
  • Wilmer Wilson IV (b. 1989, Richmond, VA; lives and works in Philadelphia, PA)
  • Shen Xin (b. 1990, Chengdu, China; lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

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