Here’s Who You Can Romance in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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This page contains information on the many Supports and Support Levels that can be obtained between Characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Like many before it, Three Houses features the ability for certain Characters to develop bonds by fighting and working together both on and off the battlefield. Characters who develop enough support can engage in special Support Conversations to build their bond from a rating of C all the way to A, earning new bonuses when fighting alongside each other.

The main character, Byleth, can also increase their support rating to A with almost every character in the game – and even attain an “S” Support rating and eventually marry a character. Other characters that support each other may get as high as an A rank, though some can only reach a B rank, and others may not be able to unlock Support conversations at all.

Table of Support Relationships[edit]

Below is a list of every character known in the game that can gain support levels with someone else, and the highest level of support that can be obtain is listed where the names connect.

Note that depending on the choices you make, the gender of Byleth, and the House you choose to join, some support may become unavailable. Each of the leaders of the Three Houses can only gain supports if you are a member of their houses. While most other students can still gain support levels outside of your house (and can also be recruited to join your team), certain characters like Hubert, Dedue, and Hilda cannot be recruited or otherwise supported (it appears that Hilda can only be recruited when playing as Male Byleth).

In the table below, cells are color-coded by house (or staff/faculty of the Monastery), and pink cells indicate a same-sex S-Rank support and marriage is possible.

Available Marriage Partners in Three Houses[edit]

The following tables list all known Characters that can achieve an S-Rank Support with the main Character Byleth, which will result in a marriage support rank. In addition to being able to romance all characters of the opposite sex, there are three same-sex relationships available to each gender for Byleth, and S-Rank Supports (and possibly marriage) available for both genders regarding both Archbishop Rhea and the girl known as Sothis.

At this time it has not been confirmed if S-Rank Supports with Rhea or Sothis will result in marriage.

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