Hey, London! Miskatonic Institute Wants You To Learn About Spooky Animation and Christmas Terror!

Hey, London! Miskatonic Institute Wants You To Learn About Spooky Animation and Christmas Terror!

Kier-la Janisse’s Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies has been educating people in London, New York and Montreal for a few years now on the wide variety of forms and subjects in horror films. And there are two excellent classes upcoming in London for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the genre.

On Thursday November 9th, the Institute is welcoming Robert Morgan (Bobby Yeah, ‘D is for Deloused from ABCs of Death 2) and Chris Shepherd (Dad’s Dead, Silence is Golden) to discuss horror animation. Animation of the horror variety might not be common, but some of the best short animated films of recent years are horror, with monsters, dark places, and scares abounding in the argubaly far greater imaginative form that can be achieved in this form. The talk will be hosted by Nag Vladermersky, the director of the London International Animation Festival, and will look closely at how animation brings horror to life, as well as screenings of rarely-seen horror shorts.

And what would December be without some Yuletide Terror? I’m proud to have contributed to Spectacular Optical’s latest book Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television, edited by Janiss, which will be launched in London on Thursday December 14th. In addition, contributors Stephen Thrower and Derek Johnston will take a look at all the horrors of the holiday season and their manifestations on the big and small screen. As an added bonus, a new Christmas horror short film made to accompany the book by filmmaker Sean Hogan (The Devil’s Business): a windswept ghost story set on England’s southeastern coast called We Always Find Ourselves in the Sea will be screened.

The events take place at the Horse Hospital near Russell Square. Tickets for Into the Dark: The Monster and Nightmares of Horror Animation can be purchased here, and for Yuletide Terror here. Don’t miss these amazing events!

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