How to Defeat Your First Valkyrie in God of War

The 8 Valkyries (and Valkyrie Queen) are optional bosses in God of War. Defeating them grants many rewards, including the Valkyrie Armor. Each is armed with a different set of attacks and in various combat arenas, and all must be taken down in battle.

But aren’t the Valkyries supposed to be warriors for good? Well, they’ve actually been imprisoned in physical forms among the realms, and by beating the helheim out of them, you’re actually freeing them! So these battles are all for good.

Defeating them will not only advance the side quest storyline, but also earn you some rare, Epic-level loot, including powerful armor and unique enchantments, as well as some resources needed to make upgrades to some of this Epic armor.

You’ll also want to make sure you defeat all eight valkyries, some waiting in Hidden Chambers of Odin, others awaiting you in other realms, as doing so unlocks one, final boss fight, which may be the most difficult 1-on-1 fight in the entire game.

We’ve assembled a guide below to help you find and conquer the Valkyries along your journey, but be warned that these enemies can be very tough. You may want to save them for late or post-game play, especially as completing the main story unlocks the locations of all eight Valkyries on your map.

EditGeneral Tips for Defeating All Valkyries

Every Valkyrie comes equipped with its own special attacks you’ll have to acclimate your play style too. Even still, there are certain general tactics you should apply to each of your fights, which could help edge the battle in your favor.

  • Come in Swinging: The Valkyries just sit, waiting for you to initiate combat. You can make sure to land the first blow by charging into each arena and throwing your toughest attacks at them from the start.
  • Patience: This can not be stressed enough — taking on some of the tougher valkyries will require a lot of patience. Learn their attack patterns, dodge often, and study how to most effectively follow up their blows with your own. You’ll find the Valkyries all have tells, and a specific set of attacks that can be avoided or countered to maximize your damage.
  • Don’t neglect your Boy: Atreus’ arrows can turn the tide of battle in these fights. Many of the Valkyries have homing attacks that cannot be easily dodged. Any time a Valkyrie rises into the air, and a red circle appears around them, shock them with an arrow or two to prevent the attack, and possibly create a window for your own swings.
  • Up your Cooldown and Runic stats — The most effective way to deal damage to the Valkyries is often to spam them with your weapons’ special Runic attacks. So you’ll want to use them often and have them be as powerful as possible. So, make sure to equip armor and its enchantments with as much of a boost to these particular stats as possible.
  • Always bring a Resurrection stone — Even with all of the correct preparation, you may fall just a bit short of knocking a Valkyrie out. So it’s always worth having a resurrection stone on hand in case you need a mid-fight revival.


The eight Valkyries all range in how tough they are due to arena size, arsenal, and just general strength. You may find one or two Valkyries a little more difficult or easy to overcome based on your arsenal, but here’s our power ranking for the eight opponents, from easiest to hardest.

  1. Gunnr – Found in Thamur’s Corpse
  2. Kara – Found in the River Pass
  3. Geirdiful – Found in the Foothills
  4. Olrun – Found in Alfheim
  5. Eir – Found in The Mountain
  6. Gondul – Found in Muspelheim
  7. Rota – Found in Helheim
  8. Hildr – Found in Niflheim’s maze

Be warned — outside of the first two or three Valkyries, who are relatively easy to fend off, you’re in for a challenge almost no matter what.

Now that you’re primed and ready to take on an army of Valkyries, here’s what you need to know to defeat the individual opponents.

EditValkyrie #1 – Gunnr Fight Guide

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Gunnr Fight Video Guide

Location: Discovered inside Thamur’s Corpse. God of War’s campaign will direct you to the Hidden Chamber of Odin in which Gunnr rests through the course of its story, though of course this fight is still optional.

Recommended Level: 4 for a manageable fight, Lvl. 5 for an easy one.

Recommended Gear: Play to your strengths for the first Valkyrie fight. Because Gunnr is the easiest of the bunch, you can find what works best for you while getting a taste of what these unique fights are like. (Prefer a defensive Kratos? Use gear that elevates your protective stat, or dump all of your points into strength if you’d rather try pummeling Gunnr.) 

Now is also a good time to test out what talisman you’d like to use for your fights. The Reaml Shift talisman is a solid option. As you’re acclimating to the speed of these Valkyries, being able to slow down time at key points in their attacks could make the differense between life or death.

Gunnr has many attacks at her disposal, but most of them can be blocked if you learn the pattern. Her main attacks will either include swiping with her bladed wings, or summong a scythe for a lunging attack.

If she charges at you at ground level with a scythe, you’ll either need to parry her first staggering attack or get out of the way, as simply blocking it will knock you off-guard for her follow up spin. She can also do this after slicing with her wings – or she can end the wing slice combo with an unblockable wing jab from her right wing. For this reason, if you are dodging – always dodge right, so you don’t accidentally roll left into her jab.

Other attacks include a leaping slash with the scythe that’s also staggering, but lacks a follow up hit – and Atreus can sometimes stun her out of the leap before it lands. Utilize Shock Arrows to disrupt her weaker attacks and dashes so you can follow up with your Runic Attacks while she’s defenseless. Don’t try using Runic Attacks when she’s already charging – even if you power through you’ll take unnecessary damage.

As long as you keep Atreus busy peppering the Valkyrie with arrows and capitalize on the moments she gets stunned, and stay alert to parry staggering attacks, you can bring her health down over time. If you get low on health, remember that she’ll drop health stones as you damage her – and you can use Spartan Rage for a health boost, or use the invulnerability to safely scoop up some health stones.

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