How to Find Undertale’s PlayStation Exclusive Room

SPOILER WARNING – This page contains Spoilers for Undertale, and the location of an area used to obtain PlayStation Trophies – read on at your own discretion!

The Dog Shrine is a console exclusive room found only the PlayStation 4 and Vita version of the game – and was created explicitly for PlayStation Trophies – but contains a fair bit of humor, and wasted time.

The Dog Shrine is located in a secret compartment in Snowdin Town. After beating Papyrus and befriending him, return to his home and go on a date.

Once inside the house, inspect the really tall kitchen sink, where an annoying dog will jump out of. If you enter the open doorway, you will enter the Dog Shrine.

The Dog Shrine consists of only a small shrine with a portrait of the Annoying Dog. Interacting with it will ask if you would like to donate money in increments of 1G.

After donating the allotted amount, you will be told that leaving the Dog Shrine and coming back may add something new – and in doing so, the shrine will be decorated with something new, and there will be a bigger donation incentive to the next Trophy, and the next item that appears in the shrine.

If you donate a total of 350G, you will complete all the donation levels and gain all trophies related to this room.

The list of donation goals and rewards are listed below:

Gold Donation Tier Total Gold Donated Reward
2G 2G Dognation Level 1
Fairy Lights above the shrine.
4G 6G Dognation Level 2
Slightly nibbled Dumplings.
6G 12G Dognation Level 3
Inflatable Wacky Waving Mascot.
8G 20G Dognation Level 4
Framed photo of Papyrus.
10G 30G Dognation Level 5
Larger Dog Shrine.
13G 43G Dognation Level 6
Boombox playing Annoying Dog Song that speeds up.
16G 59G Dognation Level 7
Game CD incompatible with the boombox.
19G 78G Dognation Level 8
Framed photo of a slightly blurry Papyrus.
22G 100G Dognation Level 9
A short length of rope.
25G 125G Dognation Level 10
A bigger donation box that still only accepts 1G at a time.
30G 155G Dognation Level 11
Dog food tap dispenser.
35G 190G Dognation Level 12
A white paper with blue pawprints on it (Blueprints).
40G 230G Dognation Level 13
Another short length of rope.
50G 280G Dognation Level 14
Framed rejection letter from the Shrine Certification Commitee.
70G 350G Dognation Level 15
Larger Dog Shrine, donation box is now sealed.

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