How to Kill Horizon’s Toughest Machines

This page contains information on how to hunt and kill the many machines in Horizon Zero Dawn.

There are 25 different species of Machines to be found around the world of Horizon. Some machines are plentiful, some are incredibly rare to find in the wild, and others will only be encountered during missions.

Watchers are the sentinels of the Machine beastiary. Their primary function is to guard more timid machines against attack. Watchers patrol in groups of 2-4, both with machines and on their own.

Do your best to approach unseen, then use Hunter or Hardpoint arrows to down the Watcher

Melee The watcher launches itself at its target, delivering a powerful series of kicks as it moves through the air.
Disorientation The watcher triggers a burst of light and sound that blinds and deafens anyone nearby.
Eye The large eye in the center of the Watcher’s “head” is it’s most vulnerable point. A single Hunters Arrow shaft through the eye will disable standard Watchers, and two of them will defeat a Red Eye.
Override Codes Watcher overrides unlocked after defeating the first Corruptor at the end of The Womb of the Mountain.

There is a second, more powerful variation of the Watcher that Aloy will encounter as she progresses through the world. These Redeye Watchers boast armor plating on their head and chassis, and can fire dangerous energy bolts from their eye.

The eye is still their primary vulnerability, but the Redeye requires more damage to this weak point to completely disable the machine.

Striders are relatively docile machines that travel in small-midsize herds. They are easily startled, so approaching with stealth is advised.

Striders can be used as mounts.

Melee The Strider charges attackers to strike with it’s armored head, and will also rear back to kick with it’s powerful legs.
Weakness: Fire, Tear
The cansiter of fuel mounted on the Strider’s back will ignite and cause a large explosion if struck with a fire arrow.
Override Codes Strider overrides unlocked after defeating the first Corruptor at the end of The Womb of the Mountain

Another herd animal, Grazers are often encounted in groups of 3-5. While the pack may flee if attacked, individual Grazers will often become aggressive if they encounter interlopers in the wild.

Melee The Grazer launches itself at its target, inflicting damage with it’s body or kicking with it’s legs.
Rotor Blades The spinning blades used to harvest material from the earth are redirected to damage attackers.
Weakness: Fire, Tear
The fuel cannisters on the Grazer’s back will cause an explosion if struck with fire arrows.
Rotor Blades Disables Rotor attack and inflicts medium damage.
Override Codes Cauldron SIGMA override codes.

These dangerous machines can be found scavenging the wilds for machine parts both on their own or in packs. In addition to being a formidable opponenet in direct combat, the Scrapper is equipped with a radar scanner that can detect hidden enemies from a distance.

Target the power cell near the Scrapper’s rear to cause massive damage and stun nearby enemies, then use high-damage arrows or blasts to destroy the beast.

Scrappers will engage in close-combat melees, using it’s claws and buzzsaw-like mandibles.
EnergyCannon The watcher triggers a burst of light and sound that blinds and deafens anyone nearby.
Radar Destroying this device on the Scrapper’s back will deal medium damage and disable it’s scan function.
Power Cell Weakness: Shock, Tear
This component, when hit with shock arrows, will overload and explode, causing shock damage to anything around it.
Override Codes Can be overridden with codes from Cauldron SIGMA

These powerful machines are found throughout the world, and are capable of both swift flight and powerful attacks. We recommend that hunters approach unseen and either eliminate or override while in stealth.

Broadheads can be used as mounts.

Melee Broadheads will buck and kick, striking wildly at any opponents that it may encounter.
The Broadhead will charge towards an opponent, striking with it’s horns to deal maximum damage.
The fuel cannister mounted on it’s back will ignite and trigger a large explosion when shot with a flaming arrow.
Horns Destroying this component will disable the machine’s charge attack and deal minor damage.
Override Codes Strider overrides unlocked after defeating the first Corruptor at the end of The Womb of the Mountain.

Timid when surprised but aggressive when directly provoked, the Lancehorn is a surprisingly capable opponent. It is recommended that hunters remove their head-mounted drill weapons before engaging in direct combat.

Melee Lancehorns can kick with both front and back legs.
Drill Horns Charges with its head down, the pointed drill bits on the Lancehorn’s head strike for massive damage.
Drill Horns Weakness: Tear
Destroy these rear-mounted casks of Chilwater with a Freeze arrow to cause a massive blast of ice, freezing anything in the nearby area.
Override Codes Override codes can be found in Cauldron SIGMA.

This large avian-esque machine is far more deadly than it looks. They often appear as solitary hunters or traveling in small groups with other herd-like units such as Broadheads or Striders.

Hunters are recommended to first disable the antennae from a stealthy vantage point, then target the concussion sac to deal massive damage and simultaneously disable the wings when it explodes.

Melee Longlegs will use their powerful legs for kick attacks.
Sonic Blast A deafening explosion of compressed air the deals moderate damage and disorients its targets.
Charge Propelling itself into the air, the Longleg dashes forward and slams into its foes for extra damage.
The large antennae on it’s head can be used to recruit nearby machines to defend itself.
Concussion Sac Sac of compressed air that causes a large explosion that damages anything nearby. Destroying this will usually also destroy a Longlegs wing motors.
Antennae Weakness: Tear
Remove this component to disable the Longleg’s ability to call for nearby reinforcements.
Wings Destroying these small motors will eliminate the Longleg’s ability to perform a Charge attack.
Override Codes Override codes can be found in Cauldron RHO.

These mid-size machines are usually found in packs and not to be engaged without a sizeable arsenal at ones disposal.

Hunters should first disable the large processing unit on their undersides to disable their AoE fire attacks, then either use TearBlast arrows to remove the large horns or tie the beast down with the Ropecaster to deal damage.

Fire Blast After charging its central processor, the Trampler discharges a massive blast of heat that burns anything within in the detonation radius.
Flaming Charge Bowing it’s head and igniting it’s processor, the Trampler charges ahead and around its enemies, leaving a flaming trail in it’s wake.
Rock Throw Digging into the earth with it’s horns, the Trampler launches super-heated chunks of earth and rock at it’s opponents.
Weakness: Tear
Removing these will disable to rock throw and lessen the damage of the Trampler’s melee attacks.
Power Cell Weakness: Shock, Tear
Shoot with Shock Arrows to trigger large explosion that electrifies anything nearby.
Processor Unit Destroying this component will trigger an explosion, damaging anything nearby and disabling the Tramplers fire-based attacks.
Override Codes Override codes can be found in Cauldron RHO.

Large machines that deal massive amounts of damage in close-quarters. Hunters should attempt to lure them over a shock, blast or fire tripwire / trap to destroy the blaze cannister on the underside of their chassis.

Melee The sawtooth attacks with powerful lunges and swipes, predominantly from its head and forelegs.
Blaze Canister Destroying the blaze canister on the underside of the Sawtooth will trigger a large explosion, causing damage and setting fire to anything nearby.
Override Codes Override codes can be found in Cauldron SIGMA.

These large cargo-bots may appear docile, but are outfitted with a considerable array of offensive and defensive technology.

Hunters should target the Shell-Walker’s rear power generator before engaging directly, then focus on destroying the shield claw before anything else.

Lightning Shot Launches shock charges that carpet an area in harmful electric current.
Claw Attack Swipes and clasps with large claw appendage, deals signifigant damage.
Electric Blast Walker will build up a powerful electric shock, discharged from the generator on it’s belly.
Shield Generates a large shield, protecting it against incoming projectile damage.
Slam Walker leaps forwards towards a target, inflicting damage with its body and
Power Generator Weakness: ShockExposed area on the underside of the main chassis. Hitting this area with a shock arrow will disable all electric abilities (Shield, Lightning Shot, Electric Blast) and shocks anything in a nearby radius.
Lightning Claw Weakness: Tear
Removing this component disables ranged electronic attacks.
Shield Claw Weakness: Tear
This component powers the shield, removing it disables this function.
Override Codes Override codes are found within Cauldron RHO.

Bellowbacks are especially deadly when encountered in tandem with other machines who excel at melee combat.

Hunters are advised to attempt to tackle a Fire/Freeze bellowback alone, and focus on destroying the cargo sac / gullet to avoid taking elemental damage.

/ Cryo Spray
Sprays a wide arc of fire or chillwater ice across the area in front of it.
Fireball /
Ice Bomb
Lobs balls of fire or ice that blanket their landing spot in flames / frost and deal explosive damage on impact.
Body The entire Fire Bellowback is vulnerable to Freeze Damage. Cryo Arrows andTripwireswork best.
The Freeze Bellowback is vulnerable to Fire.
Cargo Sac Destroy this to cause a massive explosion and deal high damage to the Fire Bellowback. The Freeze Bellowback will explode and deal freeze damage. This will also disable the fireball / ice bomb attack.
Blaze / Freeze Canister Weakness: Tear, Fire / ‘Cryo’
These canisters on the underside of the main chassis will cause a large explosion and damage nearby units or enemies.
Gullet Destroying this component will disable the Flamethrower / Cryo Spray attack.
Override Codes Override codes can be found in Cauldron XI.

For all intents an purposes, this Bellowback variant can be engaged using the same tactics as its firey brethren – though Resist Freeze potions will come in handy here.

Chargers are smaller than Broadheads, but swifter and in many ways more dangerous. Hunters should approach quietly and destroy their horns and Blaze canisters before engaging.

Chargers can be ridden as mounts.

Melee The charger attacks with powerful lunges and will buck wildly to cause damage when attacked.
Charge The machine rushes forward to do moderate damage with the large horns on its head.
Blaze Canister Weakness: Fire
Destroying the blaze canister on the back of the Charger with a flaming arrow will trigger a large explosion, damaging anything nearby.
Horns Weakness: Tear
Destroying or removing this component will disable the machine’s charge attack.
Override Codes Charger overrides unlocked after defeating the first Corruptor at the end of The Womb of the Mountain.

Stalkers are some of the deadliest machines, especially when using their stealth abilities. That said, unless hunters are ambushed by one, these beasts aren’t too difficult to take down.

Use TearBlast arrows to remove the Stealth Generator, preventing the beast from turning invisible. If you’re lucky, this blast will also take out the dart gun on it’s back. If not, focus on that with Hardpoint or Precision Arrows, which should stun it. Keep your distance until the creature is downed, then inflict as much damage as possible.

When engaging multiple Stalkers simultaneously, as will often be the case, be sure to focus your energies on eliminating the stealth components of all your opponents first. Corruption Arrows are also useful here, as Stalkers can do great damage to one another.

Darts The launcher mounted on it’s back flings accurate, fast-moving projectiles that do medium damage.
Mines Used to prevent prey from escaping, or when investigating an area,these explosive mines make evading the Stalkers even more treacherous.
Tail Whip In addition to their standard melee attacks, Stalkers will perform an AoE spin with it’s razor-sharp tail.
Body Due to the intricate design and delicate material that makes up their optical camoflage, the Stalker’s entire body is vulnerable to Shock damage.
Dart Gun Removing this disables the Dart attack.
Mine Launcher Removing this prevents a Stalker from placing mines around a hunting area.
Stealth Generator Destroying this deals minor damage but disables the Stalker’s ability to render itself invisible.

Glinthawks are some of the most dangerous (not to mention frustrating) enemies to encounter. They almost always travel in flocks of at least three or more machines, and are able to spot hunters hiding in tall grass when flying above them.

The most effective way to eliminate Glinthawks is to set them ablaze with fire arrows, then tether them to the ground and perform heavy melee attacks. Destroying their Freeze Sacs is also a helpful tactic, as it prevents them from covering the ground in dangerous patches of ice.

Dive Attack The Glinthawk bombs towards the ground, using its powerful beak and claws to attack its prey.
Ice Bomb Hovering above the ground, the Glinthawk launches a series of ice pods that explode on impact, covering the ground in harmful patches of ice damage.
Body Weakness: Fire
Due to their light construction,the Glinthawks body is incredibly vulnerable to fire damage.
Beak Weakness: Tear
Freeze Sac Destroying / removing this component will cause medium damage and prevent the use of the Glinthawk’s freeze damage AoE attack.

These machines are incredibly deadly, and should only be engaged when absolutely necessary. Their melee attacks are just as dangerous as their long-range projectiles, and hunters must keep moving or tie them down with a Ropecaster to avoid taking too much damage.

The most effective strategy for eliminating a corruptor is to trigger a system overheat, usually be launching a continuous stream of Fire Arrows at it, then targeting the Heat Core with Precision Arrows when it becomes exposed during the overheat.

Flechette Grenades These incredibly dangerous explosives deal moderate-to-high damage upon detonation.
Spikes In addition to the grenades, the Corruptor can also hurl large metal spikes at it’s foes as well.
Pounce The corruptor will rear up on it’s four legs and leap at it’s target, landing on them and following up with a spin attack for good measure.
Body Weakness: Fire
The Corruptors major design flaw is a propensity to overheat. Exposure to fire will cause the Heat Core to emerge during the cooling process.
Heat Core When the main systems overheat, this small processor emergest from the top of the Corruptor. It is incredibly sensitive and will cause massive harm if damaged or destroyed.
Mounted Launchers Weakness: Tear
Both the Grenade Launcher and Spike Launcher can be removed or destroyed, disabling the Corruptors ranged attacks and causeing damage.
Override Codes None. The Corruptor cannot be overridden.

The Ravager may be one of the more imposing machines to encounter in the wild, but with the right equipment and strategy it can be easily overcome.

The easiest way to dispatch a Ravager is to use a TearBlast Arrow to remove the back-mounted Ravager Cannon, then pick that up and use it against to quickly finish off the beast. Ravagers are incredibly fast, however, so it’s best to remove the cannon from an unseen vantage point, or use a Ropecaster to prevent the beast from reaching you while you collect the gun.

Cannon Fire A rapid-fire barrage from the Ravager Cannon that deals moderate damage. Can be avoided by dodge/rolling or sprinting out of the line of fire.
Pounce The Ravager rears back on its hind legs, then launches forward for a devastating melee attack.
Claw The beast will use its powerful forelegs to attack.
Body Weakness: Fire
Freeze Canisters Weakness: Freeze / Tear
Mounted on the base of the Ravager’s chassis, these canisters can be removed or destroyed. Using a Freeze arrow on them will trigger an elemental explosion that will freeze anything nearby.
Power Cell Weakness: Shock / Tear
Remove the armor housing then use shock arrows to trigger an elemental explosion that will electrify anything nearby or tear arrows to remove them.
Ravager Cannon Weakness: Tear
This item can be destroyed or removed. Removing the cannon allows Aloy to use it herself.

The Snapmaw is, by itself, not an incredibly threatening machine. However, it is usually found in groups of two or three, as well as nearby other machines that will become incensed when they sense combat.

Luring a Snapmaw out of the water and using fire arrows against it’s body and Blaze Canisters is the fastest way to drain it’s health. Because it’s movement is fairly slow, destroying the Freeze Sac beneath its head is also advised, since it can still be engaged from a distance after disabling its ranged attack.

Ice Bomb The Snapmaw launches this group of ranged projectiles that cover a small area in caustic ice.
Tail Whip The Snapmaw will whip it’s tail around and slam it into the ground to deal medium damage.
Body Weakness: Fire
Out of water, the Snapmaw’s chassis is easily damaged by heat. Fire arrows are advised on land.
Blaze Canister Weakness: Fire / Tear
Freeze Sac Destroy this component to cause an elemental explosion and disable it’s ranged attack.

A rare site to behold, the worm-like Rockbreaker may be the most dangerous machine in Horizon. They are not to be engaged without the very best of equipment.

Your first step to defeating the Rockbreaker is to use TearBlast Arrows to remove the four Digging Arms when the creature surfaces. Depending on your skill with a bow, you can usually destroy two at a time.

Once the Rockbreaker can no longer dive underground, it will begin focusing on quick melee charges – use a Ropecaster to hold it in place while you use Cryo Arrows or Freeze Bombs to further slow the beast, then target the Fuel Sacs and Exhaust Ports on either side of it to do maximum damage.

If a hunter encounters two Rockbreakers simultaneously, the best course of action is to remain hidden and use Corruption Arrows to pit the two leviathans against one another, then engage the weakened victor of the fight.

Charge The Rockbreaker hurls itself across the ground at its target, bowling over it and shredding it with its gnashing bladed mandibles.
Upwards Thrust After diving underground, the Rockbreaker surfaces directly under its prey, catching it in its mouth. It will usually repeat this action three or four times.
Breach The mechanical worm briefly launches itself up from underground to send the length of its body through the air and towards its target.
Rock Volley Rearing up on it’s hindquarters, the Rockbreaker launches a far-reaching arc of stone and debris that inflicts medium damage on whatever it hits.
Stone Shower Bursting forth from the earth and holding itself upright, the worm flings a shower of rocks into the air around itself for an AoE attack.
Body Weakness: Freeze
Digging Arms Weakness: Tear
Removing or destroying these componenets with TearBlast Arrows will prevent the Rockbreaker from tunnelling around underground.
Exhaust Port Targeting these openings on either side of the worm’s back deals signifigant damage.
Fuel Sac Destroying these disables the Rockbreaker’s ranged elemental attacks, and also causes a large explosion that deals fire damage to anything nearby.

These ponderous giants are far more intimidating than they are dangerous, but should not be treated carelessly.

If possible, Hunters should focus their TearBlast and Precision Arrows on the Force Loaders on either side of the Behemoth’s head, potentially after using a Cryo Arrow on the Freeze Canisters located near the machine’s hindquarters.

Quality marksmen will also want to aim for the power cell in between the Behemoth’s shoulder blades with either a Shock or TearBlast arrow.

Load Launcher The Behemoth will fire chunks of earth and rock towards its target, dealing light to moderate damage.
Charge The Behemoth lowers its massive head to use as a battering ram, dealing high damage on impact.
Crate Holders These small clamps won’t inflict much damage if removed, but it will loose the cargo container on the Behemoth’s undercarriage, allowing it to be looted once the machine has been dispatched.
Freeze Canister Weakness: Freeze / Tear
Force Loader Weakness: Tear
Removing these parts reduces / eliminates the Behemoth’s ability to perform lifting attacks. Destroying them also inflicts moderate damage.
Power Cell Weakness: Shock / Tear
Targeting this small item with a Shock Arrow will deal medium-high damage and trigger a large elemental explosion that will damage nearby enemies.

The most infamous machine in the land, the Thunderjaw is one of the most deadly mechanical beasts known to man. Only well-equipped and highly trained hunters should attempt to engage this metal monstrosity.

The best method of taking down a Thunderjaw is to first use Tearblast Arrows to remove the Disc Launcher from its back. Then, using as many ropes as you can, lash the Thunderjaw to the ground, collect the disc launcher and unload on the creature.

This should eliminate roughly 2/3 of it’s health bar – focus on aiming the disc launcher at the armor plating covering the Thunderjaw’s heart, as well as it’s head-mounted cannons and removable tail. Use Precision or Hardpoint Arrows to target its heart to finish it off.

Cannon Fire The twin plasma cannons on either side of the Thunderjaws head can deal massive damage to anyone who doesn’t dodge out of their line of fire.
Laser Discs The two Disc Launchers on its back fire several hovering drones that lock onto a target and deliver a devastating explosive blast after a moment or two.
Charge The Thunderjaw rushes its prey, attempting to both tear it to shreads in its jaws and/or crush it beneath its massive frame.
Tail Whip The giant beast slams its massive tail to the ground and lashes it against anything and everything it can.
Blaze Canister Weakness: Fire / Tear
These canisters are well hidden on the Thunderjaw’s back, but will deal moderate damage and and create a large elemental explosion if destroyed with fire.
Cannon Destroying or removing these components will disable the ranged cannon attack.
Data Nexus Weakness: All
This highly-sensitive processor is protected by thick armor over the creatures head, but once the armor is removed it will inflict massive damage if destroyed or tampered with.
Disc Launcher Weakness: Tear
This heavy weapon can be removed and used once it has been detached from the Thunderjaw.
Freeze Canisters Weakness: Freeze / Tear
Hidden on the underside of the machine, these can be removed for salvage or destroyed with Freeze Arrows to create a large freezing explosion.
Heart Weakness: All
After removing the armor plate covering it, the heart is an incredibly vulnerable processing unit.
Power Cells Weakness: Shock / Tear
Hidden beneath the base of the Thunderjaw’s tail, these can be removed for salvage or destroyed with Shock Arrows to cause a large explosion that will electrify any nearby machines or people.
Radar Weakness: Tear
Destroying this top-mounted component will prevent the machine from scanning for targets.
Tail Weakness: Tear
Destroying / removing this piece will prevent the Thunderjaw from using its tail as a weapon in combat.

These giant winged machines are both incredibly powerful and very resilient.

When engaging a Stormbird, hunters will want to have a decent supply of Cryo Arrows, TearBlast Arrows and a good Ropecaster.

Use the TearBlast arrows to remove the lightning gun first, then the Ropecaster to tether the bird to the ground. Target the Engines on the wings to disable its powerful Dive attack, then focus on the Blaze and Freeze canisters to deal elemental damage and finish the beast off.

Lightning Gun Launches orbs of electricity that blanket the ground in pools of static, which deals shock damage.
Dive Thrust-assisted melee attack that comes from directly above the target, dealing high damage.
Gust The Stormbird gives a mighty flap of its massive wings, hitting targets with a concussive blast.
Talon Lunge The beast jumps towards its prey, clawing after it with its giant razor-sharp talons
Peck Slamming it’s spiked beak into the ground repeatedly, the Stormbird advances on its prey.
Blaze Canister Weakness: Fire / Tear
Mounted on the Stormbird’s back beneath the wings, hitting this canister with a Fire Arrow will deal substantial damage and cause a large explosion.
Engines Weakness: Tear
Removing all six of these components will disable the machines ability to perform the Dive attack.
Freeze Canister Weakness: Freeze / Tear
Cryo Arrow will deal substantial freeze damage.
Lightning Gun Weakness: Tear
Destroying/removing this component will not only disable the ranged lightning attacks, but also remove the Shock damage from the Dive attack and deal a decent amount of damage to the Stormbird.

These metal monstrosities were used in the days of the Old Ones, and have been resurrected to wreak havoc throughout the land. Thankfully, they are not found outside of story missions.

The best way to bring down one of these gargantuan murder-machines is to take advantage of the weak points on its legs and in it’s cores.

Use Fire and Shock Arrows to cause the machine to overheat, then take aim at the Heat Vents, Cooling Rods and, most importantly, the Central Core. The machine will also expose stabilizer units from time to time on it’s legs – destroy these to hinder it’s mobility.

Cannon Fire Deathbringers boast several mounted cannons and heavy machine guns on their hulls. The deadliest of these is the centrally-mounted Repeater Cannon.
Flamethrower These side-mounted napalm dispensers will roast anything or anyone that get too close for comfort.
Grenade Launcher The Deathbringer’s weapons system is equipped with a startlingly accurate grenade launcher.
Swarm Launcher This top-mounted launcher fires volley after volley of multiple explosive rounds, destroying almost anything they come into contact with.
Body Weakness: Fire / Shock
The great design flaw of the Deathbringer is that it’s incredibly prone to overheating. Shock / Fire attacks increase the rate at which the machine overheats.
Cannons, Launchers & Gun Turrets The various cannons and machine guns mounted on the exterior of the Deathbringer can be destroyed to inflict minor damage and disable those attacks.
Cooling Rods & Heat Vents When the Deathbringer overheats, targeting these items will increase the speed at which an overheat occurs and exposes the machines central Core.
Stabilizers When exposed, these components can be targeted to prevent the machine from achieveing full mobility.
Core When the Deathbringer overheats, this small core is exposed near its top. Target it for massive damage.

Tallnecks are docile machines, perhaps due to the fact that their gargantuan size makes them impervious to attack from weaker machines or creatures.

These gentle giants can be climbed and overridden in order to piece together and reveal new parts of the world map.

Corrupted machines are merely husks of their originally programmed selves, having been enslaved by a Corruptor. They cannot be overridden, but can still fall prey to their own unique vulnerabilities.

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