How to Pick the Best Teams in Dragon Ball FighterZ

This section is meant for people who are newer to team based fighting games and are having an issue finding characters that compliment each other or are not understanding which characters to put in what place on their team.

I will start this section by explaining the different positions and roles that a character can play on any given team.

This is the character that will come out to fight first. This should be a character who you are very comfortable fighting with alone and without the use of stored up meter. For this reason a lot of players will put something called a “battery” character on their point position. A Battery character is a character who does well without meter and is extremely good at building meter for the rest of his team to use.

This is the 2nd character on your team. This is typically 1 of 2 things. Another strong character that you can exchange for your point character at will. Or a character with a strong assist that either helps cover the weaknesses of your point character or helps extend combos for your point character. For example, if you are playing a character like Teen Gohan, who has a hard time getting close to the opponent due to his small limbs, you may want to put a character with an assist that can help him get in closer like Goku with his Kamehameha assist. Another example would be if you are playing a character who does really well in long range, like Frieza, but doesn’t do well up close, you might put Adult Gohan on your assist to help get your opponents off of you with his invincible Dragon Flight assist.

This is the final character on your team. This should be 1 of 3 things, either a character who does a really good job of using the meter that you built up with your other characters, a character with a lot of comeback potential, or another character to assist your point/middle. A prime example of this would be Adult Gohan with his Awakened levels. Adult Gohan becomes a LOT stronger after he has awakened, so putting him as an anchor gives him a better chance to use that meter and unlock his full potential. Keep in mind that you will need to be competent with all of the characters on your team, regardless of their position due to the fast paced tagging and the fact that regardless of skill level, some of your characters will inevitably die, forcing you to use your middle or anchor character as your main fighter.

EditTeam Ideas

Now that we understand the basics of character positions, let’s look at some example teams and their general game plan, so that we can get a better understanding of how the characters work together.

Keep in mind these are general examples and should not be considered ideal team compositions for any intents or purposes

EditCell/Frieza/Adult Gohan

Cell on point playing a solid neutral, Frieza supporting him with his long range assist, and covering his command grab, Adult Gohan to capitalize on meter with awakening


Yamcha on point play a rushdown style neutral, Beerus adding to this with his long range assist, Tien finishing off the opponent with his level 3

EditAndroid 16/Android 18/Goku Black

Android 16 on point playing a grappling based hard hitting neutral, Android 18 using her barrier to help negate some of the ranged play and build meter, Goku Black using this meter for his many mixups

EditAndroid 18/Kid Buu/Frieza

Android 18 on point playing a solid neutral with strong pressure and mixups, Kid Buu assisting with his lock down assist, and Frieza keeping the opponent in check from mid screen with his strong assist.

EditHit/Kid Buu/Goku Black

Hit on point playing a solid in your face ground game, Kid Buu adding to that with his assist, and Goku Black helping with zoning AND using meter for his many mixups

EditTrunks/Piccolo/Android 16

Trunks on point playing a mid range poking game, Piccolo trying to make the opponent mess up and cover Trunks’ movement options, Android 16 to finish off combos and use his damaging supers

Again, keep in mind that these characters will be changing places rapidly, so remember where your characters are located to ensure that you call the right assists for the situation at hand.

Another huge aspect of Team Composition in Dragon Ball FighterZ is health management. This means switching your characters actively (and safely) to ensure that they are healing as much of their recoverable (blue) health as possible.

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