How to Watch The Clone Wars in Chronological Order

When Star Wars: The Clone Wars executive producer/mastermind Dave Filoni introduced the teaser trailer at San Diego Comic-Con last year which informed those in attendance that the show was coming back, fans far and wide were downright euphoric. The Emmy-award winning animated series fleshed out the prequel films and gave extensive context to the combatants of the three-year war that would lead to the downfall of the Jedi Order and the rise of Sheev Palpatine’s Empire.

But if you missed The Clone Wars the first time around, or want to catch up before the series returns with 12 new episodes on the Disney+ streaming service, you’ve got a bit of binging homework to do.

Still, Star Wars homework is pretty much the best kind out there. There is a bit of context, however, that might help you along your journey. Perhaps the biggest point of confusion is that if you watch the series from Season 1, Episode 1, all the way to Season 6, Episode 13, you are not watching the story in chronological order. In fact, there are some key jumps in the timeline throughout.

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