IGN’s Exclusive Pokemon TCG Card Reveal

Meet Golisopod GX and Guzma.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will release its latest expansion, Sun & Moon – Burning Shadows on August 4, and we have two brand new cards from the set to exclusively show off: Golisopod GX and the Guzma trainer card.

Both cards work rather nicely together, with the Team Skull boss’ trainer effect synergising nicely with the souped-up Wimpod evolution. Without further ado, here they are:

Golisopod GX

Golisopod GX fares best by bouncing off and onto your Bench, dealing big chunks of damage in the process, making him potentially hugely helpful for card combos. That’s where Guzma comes in:

Guzma trainer card.

The Team Skull leader can not only throw a spanner in your opponent’s works, but can smash them in the face with the self-same spanner. Guzma’s Bench-swapping is down to you, meaning you can pick a weak Pokemon from the opposing Bench, and throw Golisopod on from yours, dealing an extra 90 damage with his First Impression attack. Do it right, and you can take out a low-HP threat in a single hit.

Burning Shadows is the third Sun & Moon-based TCG set, and adds 140 new cards into the mix, including 12 extra-powerful GX forms (one of which is Golisopod).

Speaking of Sun and Moon, we’ll be getting new editions of the 3DS games on November 17, in the form of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The new games will feature a new story set in the same world, and feature Pokemon that didn’t appear in the last games.

Joe Skrebels is IGN’s UK News Editor, and he rememebrs paying for an exclusive Mew card abroad, coming home all smug and then realising everyone at school had gotten one for free. Follow him on Twitter.

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