Inaugural Collectible design fair set to take place in Brussels

Dezeen promotion: the first ever edition of the Collectible fair is taking place in Brussels this week, showcasing 21st-century design from a range of international galleries. 

Established by art and design consultant Clélie Debehault and artistic director Liv Vaisberg, the fair is a response to the growing interest in collectable design among art collectors and cultural institutions.

By focusing solely on contemporary, 21st-century design, Debehault and Vaisberg hope to set Collectible apart from other fairs that typically exhibit mid-20th-century creations, vintage, or historical design pieces.

Inaugural Collectible design fair set to take place in BrusselsMuller Van Severen’s furniture, which will be presented at the fair by Valerie Traan gallery

“The event, which seeks to break with the traditions of conventional fairs, where a certain uniformity is offered, will revive the design fair experience by offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in an atmosphere closer to that of an art exhibition, where everything is for sale,” said the fair organisers.

The fair will bring together renowned galleries and designers from around the world, who will be exhibiting contemporary, unique or limited edition collectable designs.

Inaugural Collectible design fair set to take place in BrusselsDesigner Ben Storms will also present new works

Exhibitors have been selected by a committee of four established figures in the design sphere, including former Wallpaper* editor Tony Chambers, curator Jan Boelen, Italian curator and journalist Maria Cristina Didero and Pascale Mussard, the co-artistic director of Hermès.

“Collectible sends a strong message by focusing exclusively on contemporary collectable design and, as such, represents a major source of support for the next generation of designers,” said Chambers.

Inaugural Collectible design fair set to take place in BrusselsImpose furniture by Handmade Industrials will feature at the fair

The fair’s curation is intended to be multisensory, with displays relating specifically to taste, sight and sound – ranging from modern furniture by Eindhoven design studio OS & OOS, to architecture-inspired desserts by Kia Utzon-Frank.

Culinary art studio La Bouche has also been developing edible experiences to present at the fair in collaboration with traiteur Point Albert and stoneware design specialist, Van Den Weghe, while Artist Richard Venlet created original scenography for the show.

Inaugural Collectible design fair set to take place in BrusselsXavier Lust will bring a collection of collectable pieces to the fair

The show will also include a programme of talks on Saturday 10 March from 4pm, with topics including public collections, nightclub design, and the return of craftsmanship.

Collectible will be held in the Vanderborght building in the centre of Brussels from 7 to 11 March 2018. Visit the event website for more information.

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