It’s Football Day: Episode 2

We’re back for another 90 minutes (that was unintentional, we just talk a lot) of chat about our burgeoning Football Manager careers. Joe, Dale and Cardy have finished their second seasons at Betis, Coventry and Rochdale, with varying levels of GREAT SUCCESS.We also have an untitled little Football Manager game, and some incredible stories of managements past you sent through to us.

Oh, and we’ve got another 3 copies of Football Manager 2020 to give away – make sure to listen through to the end for that. If you want to get in touch the address is:

It’s Football Day: Episode 2

To see why we care quite so much, check out our review of Football Manager 2020, which we call “a fine excuse to delve back into a perennially addictive series.”

21 Football Manager 2020 Screenshots

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