JOHN WICK’s Chad Stahelski to Direct Adaptation of SANDMAN SLIM Novel

JOHN WICK's Chad Stahelski to Direct Adaptation of SANDMAN SLIM Novel
Deadline is reporting that John Wick director Chad Stahelski may direct an adaptation of the pulpy paranormal book Sandman Slim, by author Richard Kadrey. 

Studio 8 optioned the series of books, now ten strong, back in September of 2016. The first draft of the adaptation of the first novel was written by Kel Symons. Kerry Williamson (What Happened to Monday and Alex Cross) is stepping in to write a second draft. 

The story centers on James “Sandman Slim” Stark, fast-talking, hard-boiled, supernatural vigilante who escapes from Hell to avenge his girlfriend’s murder and hunt down the magicians responsible for getting him sent “downtown.”

This means I will probably have to go back to Kadrey’s series of books again. I cannot recall how many Sandman Slim novels I read but I don’t think it was beyond the first two, with Metrophage thrown in for good measure and because it was cyberpunk. Kadrey seems quite pleased with the decision, saying on his Twitter feed…

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