Jumbo designs tubular steel chair and matching lamps

New York design studio Jumbo has created a dark purple chair and three matching lamps, all from curved tubes of steel.

The curved tubular forms serve as the chair’s structure and the lamps’ bases, in the pieces that comprise the Neotenic collection.

The small series, which was launched at the NYCxDesign festival last month, was designed by friends and designers Monling Lee and Justin Donnelly – who established a studio called Jumbo in 2016.

Neotenic Collection by Jumbo

The duo, who are based in Brooklyn, created the items in the collection from matching chunky, tubular forms in a dark purple colour.

The alloy frames are coated in an auto urethane paint, giving the steel surfaces a high-gloss sheen that is similar to lacquer.

Neotenic Collection by Jumbo

The chair comprises two tubular elements. A U-shaped volume turned upside down forms the two back legs, while the second more angular piece forms the backrest and two front legs.

The base of the chair is upholstered in cowhide dyed a matching deep burgundy, with the rough upholstered texture juxtaposing the glossy metal structural elements.

Neotenic Collection by Jumbo

The largest of the three lights has a base of 12.5 inches (31.75 centimetres) wide and is 22 inches (56 centimetres) tall, and is designed to rest on the floor. It is topped with a blown-glass globe with a soft satin finish.

The second light fixture has been designed as a table light. It has a similar shape to the floor lamp but is smaller in scale at 11.5 inches (29.25 centimetres) tall.

Finally, the wall sconce has the same dimensions as the table lamp with a cord affixed to one end of the curved steel design to turn the light on.

Neotenic Collection by Jumbo

The table lamp was first designed as a prototype in Jumbo’s makerspace at A/D/O.  The whole Neotonic collection is on display at the Sight Unseen x A/D/O shop at 29 Norman Ave, Brooklyn.

Other tubular designs include a steel chair made from ventilation pipes and scrap metal by Lucas Muñoz and double-mouthed, U-shaped flower vases in lavender and red by Earnest Studio, displayed at Colony for NYCxDesign 2018.

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