Jurassic World: The Ride Brings the Movies to Life in a Whole New Way

Jurassic Park has been a beloved staple of the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park since 1996 – almost as long as the franchise has existed – so when news broke that the original Jurassic Park ride was headed for extinction to make way for a Jurassic World revamp (at least in Los Angeles – the original ride is still operating at Universal’s Orlando and Osaka parks), some longtime fans were madder than a T-rex trying to land a high five.

But even die-hard dino admirers could admit that the aging attraction needed an upgrade, given its outdated animatronics and (now depressingly retro) ’90s design – especially with a new generation of moviegoers flocking to the franchise thanks to Colin Trevorrow’s blockbuster Jurassic World and its sequel, Fallen Kingdom.

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