LA Film Fest 2017 Exclusive Clip: SKID ROW MARATHON, Running, Judging, and Then What?

LA Film Fest 2017 Exclusive Clip: SKID ROW MARATHON, Running, Judging, and Then What?

Its prosaic title only begins to suggest the real-life drama contained within Skid Row Marathon. And we have an exclusive clip that illustrates that.

Set to enjoy its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this coming Saturday, June 17, the documentary, directed by Mark Hayes, explores the idea of physical exercise as a means of overcoming challenges that might seem insurmountable to some. But it’s not just any physical exercise.

Here’s the official synopsis:

From his seat as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Craig Mitchell hands down sentences to convicted criminals. But at the Midnight Mission on LA’s Skid Row, Judge Mitchell trades his robes for running shoes, leading a long-distance running club that gives its members a sense of purpose and pride.

A budding artist, a single mom and a former rock musician are among the members, all of whom are fighting their way out of homelessness, addiction or the prison system. Through the streets of LA and around the world, Judge Mitchell and the Skid Row Running Club truly approach each race and each day one step at a time, as they run their way toward a brighter future.

With compassion and care, Skid Row Marathon from director Mark Hayes shares the inspiring story of people who bravely face not only the grueling physical demands of running marathons, but the relentless doubts that threaten one’s sense of self-worth, accomplishment and joy.

We are proud to premiere an exclusive clip below, which contrasts the judge’s running with his weighty pronouncements, as well as the official trailer. Visit the film’s official site for more information.

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