Last Chance to Get Pikachu With a Hat in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Event Pokemon are very rare Pokemon given out over the Nintendo Network, at select locations, or with codes, during a usually limited time frame for in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

To get these creatures, you must choose “Mystery Gift” at the main menu of your Pokemon Sun or Moon game. Next, choose “Get Via Internet” if obtaining a Pokemon through the Nintendo Network, or choose “Get Via Local Wireless” if obtaining a Pokemon at select event locations like game stores. You can also choose “Get Via Serial Code/Password” if you have a code, usually received by visiting select retailers. 

Once received, the Event Pokemon can be obtained from a Delivery Man at any Pokemon Center in the game. Make sure you have an open spot in your party. If you wish to get a specific Nature or Individual Values, save before talking to the Delivery Man.

In addition to the Pokemon, you will receive a Wonder Card. All Wonder Cards are viewable from the Card Album in the Mystery Gift Menu. Only 48 Wonder Cards can be held on a game cartridge. If you can’t receive the Event Pokemon, you may need to delete some Wonder Cards.

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Event Date Oct. 23 – Nov 13

This Shiny Silvally is only available at participating GameStops and EB Games, where you can ask for a code card that you can enter in the Mystery Gift screen.

These code cards are only available while supplies last, so pick them up soon! Once you get a code, it must be entered by February 13, 2018.

This Silvally is even more special because of it’s held item: A super-rare Gold Bottle Cap. This item can be exchanged to Hyper Train your Pokemon, effectively perfecting all of its stats.

Event Date  Sep. 22, 2017 – Sep. 21, 2018
Level  30 Moves
Type Psychic.pngGrass.png
  • Heal Bell
  • Safeguard
  • Ancient Power
  • Future Sight
Ability Natural Cure
Held Item
Nature Any Nature

Celebi codes have only been confirmed to be distributed when Pokemon Gold and Silver are purchased directly from the eShop. 

This special Celebi is being distributed alongside the purchase of the classics Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on the Virtual Console on the 3DS. Upon purchasing or prepurchasing one of these games, you’ll be able to view a Serial Code that can be redeemed like other Mystery Gift Codes. Only one Celebi can be redeemed per code, and it can be redeemed in either Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. 

Here’s how to get the code:

  • Purchase Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver on the 3DS eShop
  • On the 3DS Nintendo eShop, select the top left Menu.
  • Select Settings/Other
  • Select Account Activity
  • From here, you can view your Pokemon Gold or Silver receipt
  • The serial code is displayed in the purchase details

You will also receive an email from Nintendo with this information.

You must redeem this code by October 31, 2018.

Event Date Sep. 19 – Oct. 30

These Pikachu are a special tie-in to the Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!, but you don’t have to see the movie to get one! Each of these Pikachu are available for week-long periods with a special Serial Code. 

The code is: PIKACHU20

Each Pikachu not only has a different hat, but a different move set that ties into Ash’s Pikachu in the anime.

Be aware, you can only get one of these Pikachu in your Pokemon Sun or Moon game. Once you use the Serial Code for one Pikachu, it will not work for others. 

All of these Pikachu come with Pikashunium Z.

If you do attend the Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! movie, you will receive a QR Code that grants a Pikachu wearing the hat Ash wears in the movie, along with a card featuring the same. 

Themovie plays in theaters Nov. 5 and Nov. 6. 


Event Date  Oct 9 – Oct 23 14, 2017

Marshadow is an extremely rare Mythical Pokemon that can only be obtained through events. It comes ready with its signature Ghost-type move, Spectral Thief, which allows it to steal its opponents stat boosts before attacking. Marshadium Z works with Spectral Thief, letting Marshadow unleash Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike, a physical Ghost-type attack with 195 base power. Unlike Spectral Thief, the exclusive Z-Move has no secondary effects. 

Marshadow’s Speed and Attack stats are best, but its defenses aren’t too bad either. We recommend a Jolly or Adamant Nature.

Region Dates (2017) Retailer
United States Oct 9 – Oct 23 GameStop

To attain the special Marshadow code, you must visit a participating retailer during the specific time period and ask for one. Keep in mind, these codes are limited and will be handed out only while supplies last, and will not work forever. Use the code as soon as you get it to guarantee it will still work!

Event Date  Nov. 17, 2017 – January 10, 2018
Level  10 Moves
Type Rock.png
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Happy Hour
  • Thunder Fang (Ultra Moon)
  • Fire Fang (Ultra Sun)
Ability Own Tempo
Held Item Focus Band
Nature Any

To get this Rockruff, simply purchase a copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and access the Nintendo Network via Internet during the event dates to receive this Mystery Gift.

Dusk Form Lycanroc is only be available by evolving this special event Rockruff, which is based off Ash’s Rockruff in the anime. Rockruff will evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. when it reaches level 25 and beyond.

This Lycanroc reflects features from both Lycanroc (Midday Form) and Lycanroc (Midnight Form). It learns both form’s signature moves, and its eyes glow red like the Midnight Form’s when it attacks. Its Ability, Tough Claws, increases the damage of attacks that make direct contact with its opponent. Additionally, Dusk Form Lycanroc has a different ability from its counterparts, Tough Claws, which makes attacks that connect deal more damage.

Magearna is an event-only Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This page shows you how to add it to your game!

NOTE: You’ll have to complete the main story before you can pick Magearna up! Thankfully the QR code does not have an expiration date, so no rush!

This special Steel– and Fairy-type Pokemon is caught by a different method than any other Event Pokemon, the first of its kind with others to most likely follow suit. To get Magearna, you’ll have to scan a QR Code released on! You can find it below:

North America Europe/Australia

Because Magearna is obtainable via QR Code, there doesn’t seem to be a time limit on when to get it. If you have the QR Code, you should be able to get Magearna.

Location Event Date
Worldwide December 5th, 2016 – Never ends

Simply open the QR Scanner from the menu in Pokemon Sun and Moon (after already starting your game!)  and point the camera at the QR Code you want to scan. Hold the R trigger to capture the code. Then, you’ll be able to add Magearna to your team by visiting the antique shop at the Hau’oli City shopping mall, accessible after you defeat your first Grand Trial!

This Pokemon’s Ability increases its Sp. Attack by one stage every time a Pokemon on the battlefield faints, making Magearna an incredibly powerful Pokemon in Double Battles. Unfortunately, the Legendary can’t be used in the 2017 VGC World Championship Series challenges or online competitions. However, Magearna does come with a very rare gift: A Bottle Cap, which is used for Hyper Training! With this Bottle Cap, you can max one of your Pokemon’s stats as long as it’s Level 100.

Learn more about the QR Scanner and the Island Scan feature to add Pokemon to your Pokedex and catch more more rare Pokemon!

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