Lighthouse International Film Festival 2018 Unveils Line Up, 100+ Films


Adventure Capital, Everett Glover and Zach Myers, USA Benefits With Friends, Shaina Feinberg, USA
First World Problems, X. Dean Lim, USA
From Jappan, Raj Trivedi, USA

Hold To Your Best Self, Emily Hagins, USA Keep Me Posted, Hillary Nussbaum, USA Lost Kings, Terrance Smalls, Jr. USA Mandated, Jesse Tendler, USA

Mondays, Arnon Manor, USA
One Eye Small, Jane Stiles, USA
Royally, Don Downie, USA
The Big Nothing, Lucy Campbell and Peter Ninos, Australia Unspeakable, Milena Govich, USA


A Daughter, Stephanie Cheng, USA/China
A French Film (kind of), Aymeric Goetschy, France
A Hand of Bridge, David Miller and Frank Borin, USA Acting Her Age, Claire Dub, USA
All For This, Eric Jenkins-Sahlin, USA
Atlantic City, Miguel Alvarez, USA
Being Keegan, Stephanie Zari, UK
Between Seconds, Nora Jaenicke, USA
Black People Are Dangerous, Donaldo Prescod, USA Blood Wolf, Diana Cignoni, USA
Brooklynn, Charles A. Mysak, USA
Cake, Anne Hu, USA
Casting, Katarzyna Iskra, Poland
Choke Artist, Melanie Notinger, USA
Compliance, John Michael Kennedy, USA
Cross My Heart, Sontenish Myers, Jamaica/USA Death Metal Grandma, Leah Galant, USA Disconnect, Oisin Byrne, UK, noun, Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, USA
En Route, Pamela Harris, USA
Fall Repeat, Elise Sievert Bhushan, USA
Fanman’s Basement, Drew Lewis, USA
Feng Shui, Nada Stjepanovic, USA
Glass Bubble Project, Fernando Lopez, USA
Greater Good, Andrea Ashton, USA
Hair Wolf, Mariama Diallo, USA
Head Above Waer, Eric Shahinian, USA
Hiatus, Kevin Haefelin, Switzerland
Kent Stays In The Woods, Jackson Devereux, USA Laboratory Conditions, Jocelyn Stamat, USA
Layam, Assaf Machnes, Israel
Lemon, Timothy Michael Cooper, USA
Lonesome Willcox, Ryan Maxey, Zack Wright, USA Loser Leaves Town, Mark Nickelsburg, USA
Marital Arts, Anthony Marinelli, USA

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