Magical Staff & Scepter Weapons Art Gallery

staff weapon inspirationStaff Design created by Egor Perepelitsa
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Weapons art is crucial to video game design. Every weapon needs to feel unique yet believable and blend into the imaginary world.

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A magician’s staff is one example of a weapon that seems rather simple but can get pretty complex. This gallery honors the work of some incredible artists and their prowess in weapon design.

So take a peek at these staff designs and see what you think!

Elemental Staves

magic staves elementsCreated by Michelle Trahan

3D Modeled Staff

staff 3d weapons artCreated by Maksym Pleva

Hand-Painted Weapons

blue weapons magical artCreated by Lucas Fernandes

Samyrah’s Staff

samyrahs staff concept art weaponsCreated by Emma Salamanca

Wooden Staff

wooden magical woodlands staffCreated by Natalia Szrama

Magical Steampunk Witch

steampunk witch staff weaponCreated by Santino Narjes

Magical Staff Woman

face enemies magical staff artworkCreated by Egor Perepelitsa

Haamah Staff

haamah staff magical weaponCreated by Vince Shinkevich

Crystal Weapons

crystal staff weaponsCreated by Christina Sewell

Staff of Frost

ice staff frost concept artCreated by Jari Hirvikoski

Generic Stave Concepts

morrowind staves concept artCreated by Kate Landels

Shaman Staves

shaman staff weapons artCreated by Ivanna Liittschwager

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