Marazzi launches new porcelain tiles based on natural stone

Dezeen promotion: the darkest known form of slate and prized Belgian rock Pierre Blue are among the inspirations for the latest tiles in Marazzi’s Mystone range.

Marazzi showroom opening

The tiles are made from porcelain but offer the appearance of natural stone. Marazzi, the 82-year-old Italian brand behind the tiles, first launched the Mystone range in 2014, but has now extended it with three new varieties: Ardesia, Bluestone and Lavagna.

Marazzi showroom opening

Each model is available in a range of different colours, sizes and finishes – including structured surfaces that mimic the texture of the stones on which they’re based.

Marazzi describes the Mystone range as “the perfect combination of style and high-tech performance”.

Marazzi showroom opening

Mystone Ardesia emulates the patterns of its namesake limestone, and comes in three neutral hues: bianco, cenere and antracite.

Bluestone, meanwhile, is based on the well-known Pierre Blue stone from the Belgain region of Soignies, a sedimentary rock that in its natural form varies from pale blue to grey. Marazzi is making it available in three shades of grey: grigio, piombo and antracite.

Marazzi showroom opening

The third kind of tile, Lavagna, is based on the blackest slate, which has seen extensive oxidation, so is available in just one colour: nero.

As well as large-format tiles – Ardesia comes in a 75-by-150-centimetre size if desired – Marazzi is making the three designs available as mosaics.

Marazzi showroom opening

The tiles can be used on floors and walls, and come in indoor and outdoor varieties, which Marazzi says makes them perfect for creating “unbroken visual continuity” between different spaces or surfaces.

Marazzi’s Mystone is available to buy in more than 140 countries, including from its new showroom in the London design district of Clerkenwell.

Designed by architects Lorenzo Baldini and Antonio Pisano of studio Marcel Mauer, the showroom includes a materials archive as well as space for collaboration, consultation and events.

For more information, see Marazzi’s website.

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