Marvel Teases Wolverine and Cyclops Are ‘The Last X-Men’

The future is looking grim for the X-Men.

Things are looking pretty bleak for the X-Men in 2019. Following the events of the “X-Men Disassembled” storyline, the team’s ranks will shrink dramatically. In fact, Marvel’s teaser for Uncanny X-Men #12 teases that Wolverine and Cyclops will be “the last X-Men.”

Check out Salvador Larroca’s cover for issue #12 below:


Marvel also revealed the Cyclops-focused cover to Uncanny X-Men #11, also drawn by Larroca:

image001 (1)

Taken together, these two covers seem to confirm what we’ve suspected ever since Marvel’s January 2019 solicitations dropped last month  – Cyclops is coming back to life. Following the recent resurrections of characters like Wolverine, Jean Grey and Professor X, Cyclops is the latest high-profile mutant hero to make his return. Unfortunately, he’s coming back just in time to see the rest of his team torn apart.

Interestingly, these covers also seem to suggest a shake-up in with Uncanny X-Men’s writing lineup. Currently, the series is a joint effort between writers Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson and Matthew Rosenberg, but it looks as though Rosenberg is flying solo on this new storyline. It’s unclear whether he’s taking over the series full-time or if he’ll alternate arcs alongside Thompson and Brisson going forward.

Along with the issue #12 cover, Marvel also released this cryptic quote from Rosenberg – “This is the fight to save mutantkind, the fight to restore their legacy, and this is the fight for their lives. This is forever.”

That’s certainly an ominous sign of things to come for the X-Men. Look for both Uncanny X-Men #11 and #12 to hit stores in February 2019.

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