Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Kulve Taroth

The Kulve Taroth Siege is a new type of quest in Monster Hunter World. Here’s everything we know so far, from details translated from Famitsu

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EditKulve Taroth Update Time

The Kulve Taroth and the rest of Update 3.0 will drop April 18 @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET. It will be available until May 3, and will cycle back around at an unspecified time. 

EditHow to Unlock the Kulve Taroth Siege Quest

Before you can take on Kulve Taroth, you need to meet these conditions:

  1. Complete the main campaign / reach Hunter Rank 16
  2. Gather Kulve Taroth’s Golden Scales in Optional Quests and Expeditions.
You can find a Golden Scale easily at the Ancient Forest. Start in the Southwest Camp and go to the main, big, open area right outside. A scale is on a ledge there. 
  1. The Admiral will approach you when you reutn. 
  2. The Special Investigation will only be available to accept in the Gathering Hub. You must have retrieved a scale in order to join a Siege.

EditHow the Kulve Taroth Siege Works

  • The Kulve Taroth Siege is a Special Investigation that can only be accepted in the Gathering Hub. 
  • Four groups of four hunters in the same Gathering Hub session will essentially be attacking the same instance of Kulve Taroth. 
  • Though 16 players is not required, the difficulty is scaled for 16 pleayers, and it will be difficult to complete the goal and gain rewards with less. 
  • SOS Flares will not work in the Kulve Taroth Siege. 
  • Once all teams have completed the Kulve Taroth Siege, you can receive additional special rewards from the Hub Lass.
  • The main goal is to break Kulve Taroth’s horns entirely before it leaves the area – that will end the Siege, marked as a success.
  • You cannot kill the Kulve Taroth. 
  • If your team of four did not break the horns, but another team did, you will still recieve some rewards for it.
  • There is a point system related to specific goals. The more points acquired, the more luxurious the rewards. 
  • These goals seem to range from breaking parts to collecting tracks, but will only be revealed in the list once it has been discovered in the field. Check back for a full list of these goals! 
  • If another team gained points by working toward a goal, you will still receive some rewards associated with the completed goal. 
  • Unconfirmed, but this is what we think the Japanese explanation is translated: It seems as though the progress (damage, points accumulated, etc.) against a Kulve Taroth will roll over into the next Special Investigation as long as you do not leave the Gathering Hub in between Investigations – similar to progress made toward Lao Shan Lung and Fatalis from previous Monster Hunter Games. 

EditKulve Taroth Siege Rewards

Completing the Kulve Taroth Siege may reward you with rare relic weapons that require appraisal at the smithy in town. These will be randomly constructed – made of a piece of an existing weapon, plus a golden quality unique to Kulve Taroth – and have random stats. Of course, you can also make armor made of Kulve Taroth materials. 

Special tickets may drop that can be redeemed for this special Palico Armor Set. 

Completing the Kulve Taroth Siege will also unlock a new Delivery Quest that will unlocked new Layered Armor, seen below. 

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