Neil Helyard Exhibition

For the past four years Trinity House has had the pleasure in working with the artist Neil Helyard, whose contemporary portraits have both become a familiar and popular face within the gallery. We are proud to be working with Neil again in his September solo show.

Neil has become one of the most successful contemporary artists that we have had the honour in representing at Trinity Modern. The exhibition aims to emulate this success, as it encapsulates Neil’s unique ability to replicate the simplicity and beauty of the human form. The pure, emotive expression of beauty and humanity that Neil is able to capture within his work highlights his distinctive style and his artistic technical ability.

Neil Helyard at work in his studio.

It is only in recent years that Helyard has been able to dedicate his time fully to his art. Growing up in Beverley, East Yorkshire, the artist had always had a strong interest for art, and excelled in the subject during his school years. However, seeking a steady income Helyard left school and became an electrician. The career choice had its benefits he said, as it enabled him to live and work in Australia for a few years.

Helyard now spreads his time between painting and running a small art school. He says “I can hardly believe I am so lucky to be able to do the thing I love every day of my life.” In his finished works, Neil succeeds to celebrate his subjects in his own distinctive style. His pure expression of the beauty found in everyday life is captured through his habitual switching of styles, ranging from the classical to contemporary. His varying style and medium, together with his bold use of colour, creates a dramatic, exciting and unexpected effect.

Neil Helyard at work in his studio.

Since 2005, Neil has had his work accepted numerous times at the prestigious annual exhibition held by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, with entries coming from all parts of the World. He has also had his work exhibited at The Royal Watercolour Society, the Pastel Society; The Garrick/Milne 2005 and Leeds City Art Gallery. His extensive work has won Neil many accolades, including the Prince of Wales Award for Portrait Drawing in 2009 and the coveted ‘Love and Legacy Prize’ by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2014.

The work of Neil Helyard is sold exclusively through Trinity House. Our Helyard collection is best described as an eclectic mix of varying styles, showcasing the artist’s breath-taking vision across a variety of mediums and distinctive styles.

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