New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Aims For Laughs, Looks Drab

New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Aims For Laughs, Looks Drab

WB and DC have dropped a new trailer for Zach Snyder’s Justice League cosplay feature film. They try to go for as many quips, jokes, gags and cheesy one-liners as is possible in the totally drab DCEU. 

At this point in the epic fumble that is getting the DC heroes to a cinematic shared universe, you have either been forgiving of these flicks and will park your keister for another outing, or else you checked out way back when Snyder’s Man of Steel arrived. Because as we all know, in 2017 gray areas do not exist. It’s either all or nothing. Zero or Eleven. March Madness or just March.

As to what this film is about… well, judging from the trailer, Ben Affleck’s Batman is inspired by Pokemon enthusiasts the world over and wants to collect super powered beings to prepare for an oncoming threat. No, excuse me, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman says that threat is already here. That threat appears to be flying mechanical monkeys, which if you’ve seen the LEGO Batman Movie actually makes a good lick of sense.  

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