New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer Teases What’s Coming in the Weeks Ahead

HBO launched its highly anticipated Watchmen series last night to both critical and audience acclaim, so it’s with a heavy degree of interest that they also released a trailer teasing what’s to come in the weeks ahead. The show hails from showrunner Damon Lindelof, who follows up his phenomenon Lost and critical darling The Leftovers with what he calls a “remix” of the iconic graphic novel. This new Watchmen takes place in a 2019 in which everything that happened in the comic happened, but it’s shaped the world into a much different—and deceptively complex—place.

The pilot introduced audiences to the show’s setting of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we follow a former cop named Angela Abar (Regina King) who moonlights as a masked vigilante named Sister Night. The show opened with a look back at the Tulsa Race Massacre (a true historical event) before jumping forward to the murder of a black cop by a white Oklahoman, which sets off a chain of events that play out in surprising fashion.

While the first episode was light on actual canonical Watchmen characters, this “weeks ahead” trailer gives us a look at Jean Smart as Laurie Black aka Silk Spectre, and there’s also Jeremy Irons’ mysterious character who may or may not be Ozymandias. Oh, and we get a good look at Hong Chau as Lady Trieu, who appears to have a significant impact on the story being told.

Check out the trailer below, and for more on Watchmen check out the questions we have after the series premiere and our extended (spoiler-free!) interview with Lindelof.

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