New World: Everything We Know About Amazon’s MMO

Amazon is a name that many people already associate with video games, but it’s usually in the form of delivery of hot new releases on door steps, not for actually creating games. That’s where New World hopes to change things. As Amazon Game’s first real breakout experiment, New World is an upcoming buy-to-play (that means no subscription fee once you buy it) open world massively multiplayer online RPG with over 1,000 players per server that’s set in the 17th century mixing real-world history with fantastical creatures, magic, and mythology.

Amazon Games has been working on New World for over three years. An initial Closed Alpha testing period ran from October 2018 to June 2019 for early player feedback and the game has continued evolving since then.In New World players from around the world will fight together (and against one another) to secure and establish the monster-covered island of Aeternum. To get ready for the game’s launch later this year we compiled everything we know so far about New World in one place, including information on its release date, story, various gameplay features, and much more.

New World Screens

When Does New World Come Out?

As of right now, New World does not have a definitive release date. But at the 2019 Game Awards last year, the new cinematic trailer revealed that Amazon Games is planning to launch New World in May 2020 exclusively for PC.

What is New World’s Story and Premise?

Rather than trying to emulate history directly, New World is entirely fictional but uses 17th century explorers and new land discovery as its basis of inspiration. In New World you take control of an intrepid adventurer that finds themselves on the shores of Aeternum, also known as the Eternal Isle.

The land of Aeternum is overflowing with Azoth, a powerful substance that’s rumored to be capable of bestowing eternal life — sort of like the Fountain of Youth. Obviously, you and fellow travelers are compelled to investigate further. Aeternum is, on paper, a diverse region with a mixture of beautiful landscapes and supernatural geographical anomalies.

Once you arrive though you’ll discover that Aeternum is anything but an idyllic paradise. Creatures cover the island and grotesque monsters roam freely. A powerful and twisted force known as The Corruption has overtaken the land and infected anything it comes into contact with.

You’ve got to fight back The Corruption, take control of the land, and compete with other rival explorers to stake your claim and secure your legacy.

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