Nintendo Switch Getting Third-Party Joy-Con With Traditional D-Pad

A third-party hardware maker is producing a joy-con peripheral with a traditional D-Pad for the Nintendo Switch.

The device is manufactured by Hori and will replace the left Joy-Con controller.

According to Famitsu, the peripheral will trade the motion-sensing capabilities of a typical Joy-Con for the D-pad, making it useful for those with serious ambitions in Switch fighting games that demand precise inputs.

The Joy-Con with D-Pad, via Famitsu

However, it looks like the controller won’t be able to transmit a wireless signal to the tablet while undocked from the Switch, so the device is only seemingly usable in portable mode.

The Hori D-Pad peripheral will debut in Japan this July, retailing for 2,678 Yen, which is around £18/€20/$25/.

Hori is known for producing a range of Nintendo Switch accessories as well as controllers including carry cases and play stands. Check out more of their peripherals in our Nintendo Switch accessories guide.

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If you fancy a more D.I.Y approach, check out IGN’s in-depth tutorial on how to attach a D-pad to your Joy-Con’s from the comfort of your home.

Dataminers recently revealed a number of clues referencing a potential hardware update for the Switch found in the latest 5.0 firmware update.

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