Nintendo Switch Online Services Will Be Explained in More Detail Next Month

Your burning questions will be answered in a few short weeks. Hopefully.

Nintendo has announced that it will be sharing more details on the Switch’s online service next month.

The news comes from the company’s earnings report, which stated that further information on the console’s paid subscription service, which offers a “richness of online features that allows [consumers] to continuously enjoy Nintendo Switch” will be made available in “early May.”

The service was set to launch last year but was delayed and pushed back to September 2018. Earlier this year, Nintendo’s managing executive officer, Shinya Takahashi, said that the online service will be just “one component” of the company’s plan to “diversify” how its games are played, and how it will encourage more people to play them, adding that it would be “worth the wait.”

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The details Nintendo’s shared so far extend to the subscription options and their prices, and the “classic games” that will be available to play as part of the benefits of the package.

Currently online play is free, but that will come to an end with the official launch of the service later this year. You can read up on everything we know (and everything we don’t) about Nintendo Switch Online right here.

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