NO DORMIRAS (YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP): First Teaser And Poster From Gustavo Hernandez’s New Horror Flick

NO DORMIRAS (YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP): First Teaser And Poster From Gustavo Hernandez's New Horror Flick

The first teaser poster and trailer have arrived for No Dormiras (You Shall Not Sleep), the latest horror offering from Uruguayan director Gustavo Hernandez (The Silent House). 

Though the film is only beginning production they were quick to gather some snippets of footage together including a foreboding shot of the beguiling Belen Rueda at the end. The teaser poster also conveys a sense of helplessness and despair. 

No Domiras Full.jpg

In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, a theater company experiments with insomnia for the preparation of a stageplay. As the days without sleep go by, they cross new thresholds of perception, that expose them to the secrets of the place and the energies that inhabit it. 

When Bianca, a young actress ,  joins the cast, competing for the lead role, she must survive, not only  the intensity of the work and her cast mates, but the unknown force that’s pulling them towards a tragic outcome.

No Dormiras stars aforementioned Belen Rueda (The  Orphanage), Eva De Dominici, German Palacios, Eugenia Tobal, Juan Maneul Guilera and two time Spanish Academy Award Winner Natalia De Molina. 

Fox just secured distribution in the U.S, Germany and Latin America.

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