Octopath Traveler Jobs Guide

This page contains information on the jobs within Octopath Traveler.

In Octopath Traveler, every character starts with a default class, also known as Jobs. These are what determines what gear types that character can equip, what Skills they can learn and use, and what passive Support Skills they have access to. Later in the game, characters can multiclass to be hybrids of their initial job, and any of the 7 jobs from the other characters. You can gain a secondary job by going to a Shrine.

This changes the characters appearance, and lets them start to learn the Skills and Support Skills from their secondary job. The characters do not inherit the Path Actions or Talents of their secondary job, those are tied to the characters themselves.

EditSecret Jobs

In addition to the starting jobs, there are also additional “secret” jobs that are unlocked by visiting certain Shrines close to the four corners of the world. These jobs are as follows:

EditJob Stat Bonuses

Each job comes with specific stat bonuses. Use this chart to see which job grants which stat bonuses, which are also applied when gaining it as a secondary job.

Cleric Scholar Merchant Warrior Dancer Apothecary Thief Hunter
HP +8% +18% +20%
Phys Atk +3% +5% +1.5% +2% +8%
Phys Def +3% +5% +1.5%
Accuracy +5% +6%
Crit +1.5% +5% +6%
SP +18% +13% +8%
Elem Atk +5% +10% +3% +8% +1.5%
Elem Def +5% +5% +3%
Speed +10% +8% +5%
Evasion +10% +8% +5%
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