ORBITA 9: Watch The Trailer For The Spanish SciFi Romance

ORBITA 9: Watch The Trailer For The Spanish SciFi Romance

Helena is a young woman who has spent her entire life in deep space, born en route to a distant colony and left alone when a malfunction in her craft made it impossible for both her and her parents to arrive safely forcing her parents to turn back and leave Helena to continue her journey to a better life alone. It’s a lonely but simple life until her craft rendezvous with an engineer sent to fix the fault and it turns out everything has been a lie, nothing but an extended social experiment. And Helena has been on earth the entire time.

This is the premise of Hatem Kraiche Ruiz-Sorrilla’s upcoming scifi romance Orbita 9, and while it kind of seems as though the actual location of the deep space pod is the sort of thing you’d want the audience to discover for itself, there it is right up front and center in the recently released theatrical trailer for the film. Spoiler aside, the visuals look very strong as does the principal cast of Clara Lago, Alex Gonzalez and Belen Rueda. Take a look below!

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