Overwatch Officially Teases Long-Rumored Character, Doomfist

When will we meet Akande Ogundimu?

After rumours, voice actor campaigns and crash log hints, Blizzard has officially teased the appearance of possible new hero character, Doomfist.

In a fictional news report on the Overwatch blog, it’s explained that Doomfist has been broken out of prison by Reaper, and subsequently reclaimed his gauntlet weapon from in-game location Numbani. That explains the damage added to various parts of the Numbani map in a previous update.

In the report, Doomfist is referred to by the name Akande Ogundimu. The game’s fiction already has two named characters who have gone by the title Doomfist, but neither by that name. That implies that this Doomfist is the hitherto-unknown “Successor” (as can be seen in banners on the Numbani map, below).


Doomfist has become something of an obsession for Overwatch fans. Originally a passing mention in the game’s original animated trailer, Blizzard has said it began to expand his characters simply because of fan interest. In turn, that’s led to repeated speculation that the character would be added as a playable hero

Last week, the speculation got a tad more grounded, when players discovered that a new patch was internally referred to as the “Doomfist / Summer Games” update. Blizzard subsequently removed the reference, but this news story appears to be further proof that something Doomfist related is on its way in the future.

Depending on your view of things, the most exciting part of a new update might not be the addition of Doomfist or the return of the Summer Games – Overwatch is also currently testing an update that will drastically reduce duplicate items in loot boxes.

Joe Skrebels is IGN’s UK News Editor, and he really hopes Doomfist is a timid, pacifist healer character. Follow him on Twitter.

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