Oxygen Not Included: How to Make Water Last Longer

Water is a resource that runs out fairly quickly in Oxygen Not Included. This page covers the many ways you can get more water and make it last longer.

The Microbe Musher is a great tool for providing food during the early stages of Oxygen Not Included but as water becomes scarce, you might want to start looking for alternatives.

One Mush Bar requires *75 kg of water and one Liceloaf requires *50 kg water which can add up, especially if it’s your primary food source.

An alternative to the Microbe Musher is the Cooking Station which can cook most items without the use of water.

Bristle Blossoms are a great resource to farm because they can be eaten raw and yield about *1600 kcal per harvest.

Unlocking Intermediary Research in Oxygen Not Included requires a Super Computer. Unlike the Research Station which uses a mixture of power and dirt, the Super Computer requires power and water.

A Duplicant with points under Learning will unlock research much faster than a Dupe with none. This will help keep the cost of water for research low.

Although the Lavatory uses clean water in Oxygen Not Included, it outputs more liquid than it takes in.

This works to your advantage if you’re using a Water Purifier since the polluted water to clean water ratio for it is 1:1.

Basically, you end up with more clean water than you started with.

EditTears, Pee and Vomit

Duplicants with Small Bladders and Ugly Crier/Vomiter stress responses can also provide water to your colony in Oxygen Not Included.

  • Ugly Criers provide *40 g/s water per incident.
  • Vomiters produce *200 g/s of Polluted Water per incident.
  • Small Bladder Duplicants provide about *1.9 kg of polluted water per incident.

Instead of mopping these messes up, try to isolate these Dupes when they are close to their breaking point.

Ideally, this should be an area where the floor is made of Mesh Tiles so the liquid can be contained and purified with a Water Purifier.

If you’ve stumbled across parts of your map where things look a little cold, you might have found yourself a Frozen (or Ice) Biome. These areas are comprised of Snow, Ice, and Polluted Ice which can be liquefied into water when heated up to the right temperature.

Before entering the Frozen Biome, it’s a good idea to make Warm Sweaters for your Dupes so they don’t get Hypothermia.

Lastly, Swamp Biomes are home to one of the most valuable water resources in Oxygen Not Included: Steam Geysers.

Unlike the Natural Gas Geyser, Steam Geysers can provide a never-ending supply of steam and boiling hot water.

Unfortunately, if not contained, the amount of steam and water this Geyser produces can wreak havoc on your colony.

The best way to control a Steam Geyser is to encase it in layers of Insulated Tile alongside a Gold Amalgam Liquid Pump.

From there, the water must be cooled down before it can be used.

* Values in this guide are subject to change with future ONI updates.

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