Pearlfisher gives Reeves first identity update in 250 years

The brand is being repositioned as a lifestyle brand aimed at young adults rather than a brand for professional artists.

Pearlfisher has given art product brand Reeves a new look, which sees the identity updated for the first time in its 250-year history.

A new identity, suite of packaging and digital expression all fell under the remit of the brief – to “reconnect with the contemporary creative consumer”.

Aimed at the “maker generation”

A research phase established that the brand needed to appeal to the “maker generation”, a consumer group which Pearlfisher futures director Sophie Maxwell says are “confident, connected and expressive” and “looking for an avenue for self-expression” in an over-digitised world.

This means that the brand can be opened up so it is not just seen as the preserve of artists, according to Maxwell, who says “millennials exemplify a new creative lifestyle”.

Accordingly Pearlfisher has looked to reposition Reeves as a lifestyle brand, rather than a heritage brand.

Cleaner typeface

Pearlfisher associate creative director, Jon Vallance, says: “Where the old packaging was prescriptive, showing finished artworks and step-by-step guides, the new packaging is about sparking creativity and celebrating spontaneous creation.”

A cleaner typeface has been introduced as well as a colourful coding system and a bolder wordmark in which the R evokes a framed corner.

The look continues online where the new website also offers inspiration in a bid to engage consumers on an emotional level.

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