Pokemon Go: Every Halloween Event Pokemon

This year’s Pokemon Go Halloween event again features pooky Pokemon like Gastly, Drowzee, and Cubone, but this time a few Ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region are joining. Look out for Sableye, Banette, and more, plus a special Pikachu wearing a witch hat. Check out the video below for every special Halloween Pokemon making an appearance. 

Event Date 10/20/2017 – 11/02/2017 1:00 P.M. PDT.

EditCandy Bonuses

There will also be quite a few Candy bonuses, including:

  • Find double Buddy Pokemon Candy
  • x2 Candy for catching
  • x2 Candy for hatching
  • x2 Candy for transferring

Lastly, there are sales on three different Boxes in the store: 

  • x5 Incense
  • x6 Premium Raid Pass
  • x10 Pinap Berry
  • x7 Incense
  • x4 Super Incubator
  • x3 Premium Raid Pass
  • x10 Razz Berry
  • x12 Incense
  • x6 Super Incubator
  • x6 Lucky Egg
  • x6 Premium Raid Pass

Get a free Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat just for logging in.

Happy Halloween! 

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