Pokemon Go – How to Send Gifts to Friends

Gifts were introduced in Pokemon Go along with the new mechanics Pokemon Trading and Friends. On this page you’ll see how to send gifts and what the gifts can contain, including details on Alolan Eggs.

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EditHow to Send Gifts

Occasionally, PokeStops will drop Gifts, which you can then send to Friends on your Friend List.

1. Once you’ve added a friend, simply tap on them from your Friend List to get a closer look.

2. Then, choose “Send Gift.”

3. From there, you can choose which Gift Box you want to send.


You will not now what’s inside each box, but it will include a “postcard” from the PokeStop where you picked up the gift.

Be wary about sending Gifts. People will be able to determine your general location if you send gifts from the same places often.

EditList of Pokemon Go Gifts

Gifts will include a “postcard” from the PokeStop where you picked up the gift, as well as a rare item. These items include rarer items within the normal PokeStop pool, but you won’t know what’s inside the Gifts boxes until a friend opens it. Here are the potential gifts:

Each gift will contain a set of three items. If you received only two, that means the third item was meant to be an Alolan Egg, but your egg bag was full. Make sure to hatch those eggs!

EditAlolan Eggs


Alolan Eggs are gold with pink spots and require 7km to hatch. When in a Super Incubator, the need only 4.67km.

You can currently hatch the following Pokemon from Alolan Eggs. 


Alolan Vulpix


Alolan Grimer


Alolan Meowth


Alolan Sandshrew

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