Pokemon Magikarp Jump: How to Get Gyarados

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump includes a few secrets that require a specific chain of events to trigger. Gyarados is Magikarp’s powerful Water- and Flying-type evolution, and if you follow these instructions, you can incite your Magikarp to evolve into this terrifying beast!

If you check your items bag, you’ll see an Everstone permanently there. This item is held by Pokemon to prevent them from evolving, which explains why Magikarp never evolves even after it reaches level 20, when it would usually become Gyarados. Here’s how to bypass this check. 

Compete with your Magikarp before evolving it, or you’ll miss out on Exp. Points from the league!

1. Continuously tap on Magikarp in the pond. Eventually, you’ll see a notification that the Everstone broke. 

2. Level up Magikarp, at least to level 20. 

That’s it! Your Magikarp will evolve into a mighty Gyarados. Keep in mind though that this will permanently retire the Magikarp! Evolving Magikarp will also unlock the Event No. 34, “Adios, Gyarados!”.

To get a red Gyarados–the Shiny version of it–all you have to do is follow the same steps above except with a golden, Shiny Magikarp instead! 

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