Pokemon Magikarp Jump: Summon a Ghost Girl

There are a few secrets in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, and this spooky trick lets you permanently increase your Magikarp’s max level by one. Keep in mind this only works once, ever!

Continue below to learn how to trigger the event, “Be Gone!”, which summons a ghost girl that scares your Magikarp into becoming stronger in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. 

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First, tap the TV at the pond. Keep doing this and exiting out of the menu until the screen shows static.

This may take a little while, so keep at it. 

Then, keep tapping the TV until it turns completely off. Again, this may take a litte while, so persevere! 

Once the TV is off, train Magikarp. You can use a Training Soda if you’d like, and it doesn’t matter which Training Method Magikarp ends up using. Once the training session is done, Magikarp will find something, triggering an Event.

EditStep 4: Leave the Random Encounter

The music will stop, and an eery ghost girl will approach you. This is actually Event 30, Be Gone!, so you’ll fill out the slot in your Event Dex as well.

Choosing to stay in this scenario will simply repeat the same spooky message, so choose to leave when you’re satisfied. After the odd event, Magikarp’s max level will raise by one.

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