Pokemon Quest – How Recipes Work and Recipe List

This page covers how Recipes work in Pokemon Quest, how to unlock different cooking pots, and more about attracting certain Pokemon. Watch the video below for a short primer on how to use all of this information. 

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In Pokemon Quest, obtaining new Pokemon isn’t like other games – you won’t be battling wild pokemon to throw Pokeballs at – there are no trainers in this game! Instead, you’ll need to collect ingredients and cook up some tasty stews to attract potential pokemon to your side. See below for more information on how cooking works, and which food will help you get the right Pokemon for the job.

EditCooking Pots

There are 4 different cooking pots in the game which require increasingly larger amounts of ingredients but reward the player with higher level Pokemon each time.

Cooking Pots
Name Source Amount PKMN Level
Iron Pot Tutorial 3 Ingredients 1-15
Bronze Pot Complete Backforth Brook 10 Ingredients 15-40
Silver Pot Complete Pincushion Plain 15 Ingredients 40-70
Gold Pot Complete Chamber of Legends 20 Ingredients 70+

EditRecipe Terminology

There are certain words used in recipes which hint at which ingredients, and how much, need to be used to get a certain result. First, the words that describe how much of an ingredient needs to be used isn’t at all arbituary. 

Amount of Ingredients
A whole lot 4 slots
A lot 3 slots
A few 2 slots
A little 1 slot

Then, the recipe will describe the ingredients. 

Ingredient Types
Description Ingredients
Small Tiny Mushroom, Bluk Berry, Apricorn or Fossil
Precious Big Root, Icy Rock, Honey, Balm Mushroom
Very Precious Rainbow Matter
Mystical Mystic Shell
Red Tiny Mushroom or Big Root
Blue Bluk Berry or Icy Rock
Yellow Apricorn or Honey
Grey Fossil or Balm Mushroom
Soft Things Tiny Mushroom, Bluk Berry, Big Root, Honey or Balm Mushroom
Hard Things Apricorn, Fossil or Icy Rock
Sweet Things Bluk Berry or Honey
Mushroom Tiny Mushroom or Balm Mushroom
Mineral Icy Rock and Fossil
Plant Apricorn, Big Root

EditRecipe Quality

Each recipe has a quality which determines the length of time the recipe will take before it’s ready and the rarity of the Pokémon that will be brought to the camp. Adding Precious or Very Precious ingredients increases the quality points of a recipe, Small ingredients being worth 1 point, Precious being worth 2, Very Precious ingredients are worth 3 points and Mystical are worth 4.

Generally, Special Quality recipes will attract much rarer Pokemon that will not appear otherwise. 

For more details on which Pokémon are summoned by a recipe, see individual Recipe pages, listed below. 

Rainbow Matter is able to be used in any recipe to add 3 points to the quality of the recipe, however it will not act as fulfilling its requirements. This means that certain recipes are impossible to boost with Rainbow Matter (especially if the recipe requires 4 of a certain ingredient type which doesn’t overlap with another type) and the result will always be Mulligan.

Recipe Quality
Name Quality level Iron Pot Time Bronze Pot Time Silver Pot Time Gold Pot Time
Basic 1-5 points 2 Turns 2 Turns 3 Turns 4 Turns
Good 6-7 Points 4 Turns 4 Turns 5 Turns 6 Turns
Very Good 8-9 Points 5 Turns 5 Turns 6 Turns 7 Turns
Special 10+ Points 6 Turns 6 Turns 7 Turns 8 Turns

EditRecipe Lists

All recipes require 5 sets of ingredients to be added to the pot, the actual number required depending on which pot you are using. Most recipes can be made in several different ways such as Red Stew being made from 5 sets of Tiny Mushroom, 5 sets of Big Root or a combination of each. You can also fulfil more than one criteria with one ingredient, such as Tiny Mushroom fulfilling the need for Soft and Mushroom Ingredients in Sludge Soup.

When you use ingredients that fulfil the Ingredients criteria of multiple recipes, the game will go down the list below starting at #2 and assign the first recipe it comes across to that set of ingredients (assigning to Mulligan should it not find a recipe at all). On the individual recipe pages linked below, these have all been resolved so that if you use the ingredients listed, it will create the correct recipe.

Adding a larger amount of precious ingredients will increase the chance of gaining a rarer Pokémon. For more information on exact ingredients, check out the individual recipe pages.

# Name Description Ingredients PKMN
1 Mulligan Stew à la Cube Whatever ingredients you like 5x Any Ingredients Favorite food of some Pokémon on Tumblecube Island
2 Red Stew à la Cube A whole lot of red 4x Red Ingredients Favorite food of reddish Pokémon
3 Blue Soda à la Cube A whole lot of blue 4x Blue Ingredients Favorite food of bluish Pokémon
4 Yellow Curry à la Cube A whole lot of yellow 4x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of yellowish Pokémon
5 Gray Porridge à la Cube A whole lot of grey 4x Grey Ingredients Favorite food of greyish Pokémon
6 Mouth Watering Dip à la Cube A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue 4x Soft and 3x Blue Ingredients Favorite food of Water-type Pokémon
7 Plain Crepe à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few gray 3x Sweet and 2x Gray Ingredients Favorite food of Normal-type Pokémon
8 Sludge Soup à la Cube A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things 4x Mushroom and 3x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Poison-type Pokémon
9 Mud Pie à la Cube A few minerals and a whole lot of soft things 2x Mineral and 4x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Ground-type Pokémon
10 Veggie Smoothie à la Cube A whole lot of plants and a few soft things 4x Plant and 2x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Grass-type Pokémon
11 Honey Nectar à la Cube A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow 4x Sweet and 3x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of Bug-type Pokémon
12 Brain Food à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few hard things 3x Sweet and 2x Hard Ingredients Favorite food of Psychic-type Pokémon
13 Stone Soup à la Cube A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals 4x Hard and 2x Mineral Ingredients Favorite food of Rock-type Pokémon
14 Light-as-Air Casserole à la Cube A lot of minerals and a few plants 3x Mineral and 2x Plant Ingredients Favorite food of Flying-type Pokémon
15 Hot Pot à la Cube A lot of mushrooms and a little red 3x Mushroom and 2x Red Ingredients Favorite food of Fire-type Pokémon
16 Watt a Risotto à la Cube A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow 4x Soft and 3x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of Electric-type Pokémon
17 Get Swole Syrup à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms 3x Sweet and 2x Mushroom Ingredients Favorite food of Fighting-type Pokémon
18 Ambrosia of Legends à la Cube A whole lot of mystical things 4-5x Mystical Ingredients Favorite food of Extremely Rare Pokémon
Only the pre-evolutions and non-evolving Pokémon can be attracted through recipes, evolved forms must be gained through levelling those Pokémon. Most Pokémon outside of legendaries can be attracted by more than one recipe, check individual recipe pages for details on what that recipe attracts.
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