Resident Evil 2: 7 Must-Read Tips Before Starting the Demo

Ahead of its release, Resident Evil 2 Remake features a “1-Shot Demo” that players can try before the full game is out.

The 1-Shot Demo is unique in that it allows players to try out a slice of the game for a grand total of 30 minutes. Once the timer has run its course, the demo will no longer be available – regardless of how far you’ve gotten. The demo is the same as the one featured at E3 2018, which begins when Leon Kennedy first arrives at the Raccoon City Police Station.

This means if you are fast enough, you can complete the demo’s primary objective and have time left over to start a new demo with the remaining time to explore more thoroughly. You can also die as many times as you want and keep playing until the timer is up.

Players can download the demo on the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, or on PC (Steam) when it becomes available on January 11th in whichever territory you are in. The demo will be available until January 31st, 2019.

Since you only have 30 minutes to give it your all, you may want to know what you’ll be up against and what to expect in this remake of the classic Resident Evil 2. Even if you’ve played the original, this Resident Evil 2 can prove to be vastly different – so check out these important tips and tricks:

Headshots Don’t Kill Zombies

Forget what you think you know about Resident Evil Zombies, as the zombies featured in Resident Evil 2 Remake are even sneakier than they have been before.

In the original game, you could usually tell when a zombie was well and truly dead by looking for a blood pool spreading out from the body. Due to the updated designs, it’s now a lot harder to tell when a zombie is faking it – which they will do often. If a fallen zombie blocks your path, it may be wise to pop a single shot to the head or slice at them with a knife and see if they react or groan – otherwise they may grab your leg when you pass and take a chomp out of your shins!

Don’t assume a zombie is dead just because you shot it in the head – unless they’ve got a gaping hole where their skull used to be, keep your guard up!


Conserve Your Ammo on Walking Bullet Sponges[edit]

You’ll find early on that zombies can be plentiful, and durable, whereas you’ll be constantly scrounging for extra ammo just to keep yourself armed.

When facing multiple opponents or trapped in tight corridors you’ll obviously need to take out the immediate threats – but if you spot zombies in corners struggling to close the distance or dragging themselves along the floor – you may want to just run past them, and save the bullets for encounters that you can’t run past. They won’t always go through doors (although some can follow you).

Get Out of Zombie Jail With Knives and Grenades[edit]

Zombies love to latch onto you when rounding a blind corner or playing possum in a corner, and can deal a chunk of damage if they grapple you. By equipping a knife or grenade as your sub-weapon, you will often get a command prompt to use your weapon to repel an attacker and take far less damage than in a regular struggle.

Note that after planting a knife in the face of your attacker, you can eventually pry the knife out if it wasn’t broken in the process. Just remember that knives have durability that lower with every slash – and even more when stopping a zombie grab.

Get a Shotgun ASAP[edit]

Pistols are great, but if you really want to stop a zombie at point blank range, you’re going to want a Shotgun, and there happens to be one in this demo.

Once you’ve met Officer Marvin in the Main Hall and he sends you off to the West Wing, head up the corridor to the Operations Room and look on a table as you enter for the Weapons Locker Keycard.

Leave through a window into the next hall and make your way to the Safety Deposit room to find rows of lockers – and on the wall by the door is a special sealed cabinet holding a Shotgun and ammo. Use the Weapons Locker Keycard to open it, and be sure to also use the locker keypad to unlock some of the lockers in the room for some extra ammo and items.

Learning from Resident Evil 7[edit]

Resident Evil 2 Remake has borrowed more than RE7’s engine – as a number of quality changes have also come with it. Players familiar with RE7 will find the inventory screen very similar, including the ability to set weapon and sub-weapons to the D-pad, and moving or combining items in the small square inventory squares on the right.

Though it wasn’t possible in the original RE2, you’ll now be able to craft ammo by finding Gunpowder and other reagents, allowing you to keep up a supply of firepower if you can’t find the base ammo lying around.

Saving also no longer requires ink ribbons – meaning you won’t have to worry about using up extra inventory for saves, and you can save as much as you want in the safe rooms that also feature a shared stash to dump items you aren’t currently using.


The Pause Button Is Back[edit]

Unlike many previous Resident Evil games, pausing the game – whether checking your inventory or map – will now stop time in the game, meaning you won’t have to run around zombies frantically pausing and trying to equip the right items before you get attacked.

If you get overwhelmed by several new enemies, pause – and check out which weapons you have to combat this new threat, or check the map to see where the available escape routes are.

Maps for Completionists[edit]

If you’re ever unsure where to go next, or which places require a second combing, check out the colors of the room on the map.

Grey rooms haven’t been explored yet, and red rooms mean they’ve been explored but you haven’t found everything in the room yet. Once a room looks blue on a map, you’ll know that all the main items to collect have been found in that area.

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