Rise of the Triad Started Out as a Wolfenstein Sequel

Nazis versus demons. It’s a win-win.

Killing Hitler in a Wolfenstein game is about as old of a video game tradition as stomping goombas in Super Mario World. What some Wolfenstein fans may not know is there was once a significantly different kind of Wolfenstein game lying in wait, but competition between id Software and 3D Realms resulted in the release of Rise of the Triad instead. 3D Realms’ Scott Miller sat down on this month’s IGN Unfiltered to dish details on how a proper Wolfenstein sequel got derailed.

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“The game was going to be called Wolfenstein: Rise of the Triad,” Miller said. “It was going to be this continuation to where Hitler was just the puppet all along, but there was this triad, a sort of cult of background leaders who were involved with all these things. id Software was like, ‘Boom, we’re in on this.’ We had an agreement, it was going along, and about eight months into it, they decided to cancel the agreement. They had the rights to do that. I think they felt like our game was going to maybe butt heads with Doom a little too much and they didn’t want that.”

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To hear Miller talk more on the Wolfenstein that never was, as well as his history working on franchises like Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and the original Prey, check out the full episode of IGN Unfiltered here. You can also check out previous episodes of IGN Unfiltered, where editor Ryan McCaffrey interviews video games’ biggest names, including Insomniac’s Ted Price, EA Sports’ Cam Weber, and Darksiders 3’s Cissy Jones.

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