Samurai Illustrations, Concept Paintings & Character Design Pieces

Samurai concept artwork Artwork by David Benzal
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Warriors come in many styles and the samurai is a notable choice. This design choice comes from Feudal Japan and still finds itself rooted in modern pop culture.

These various samurai characters are brilliantly crafted with unique twists in each piece. Have a look over this gallery and see what catches your eye.


samurai character art conceptCreated by De Nguyen

Samurai Sketch

samurai character sketch artCreated by Stuart Kim

Tiger Samurai

samurai character artCreated by Malwina Gornisiewicz

Samurai Jax

samurai character concept artCreated by Gustavo Torqueto

Chubby Samurai

chubby samurai character conceptCreated by Fabricio Campos – Inspiration by John Polidora

Ice Samurai

samurai character ice sword artCreated by Dinulescu Alexandru

Samurai Warrior

samurai character warrior artCreated by Maxim Margatskiy

Night Time Samurai

samurai night time art sketchCreated by Olabukoo Yu

Bandaged Hand

samurai bandaged hand art sketchCreated by Segun Samson

Cyberpunk Samurai

samurai cyberpunk warrior art characterCreated by Yanni Davros

Female Samurai

samurai female warrior art characterCreated by Murilo Miranda


samurai kamen-bushi warrior art conceptCreated by David Benzal

Samurai Cavalry

samurai cavalry riders art conceptCreated by David Benzal

Samurai Armor

armor samurai katana sketch conceptCreated by Mony Cazamea

Rabbit Samurai

rabbit samurai bunny female art characterCreated by Ethan LeeArtStationInstagram


shayo rpg cover samurai artCreated by Antonio J. Manzanedo

Samurai Fight

 samurai ninja fight artCreated by Pedro Cardoso


 samurai ronin dragon battle art conceptCreated by Asker Mursaliev

Samurai Warrior

 samurai warrior concept art sketchCreated by Abbas Ismail

Samurai Carrot

 samurai veggie carrot sketch artCreated by André Meister


 samurai genjuro caharcter artCreated by Alexander Eibler

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