Shadow of the Tomb Raider: All Cozumel Collectible Locations

Looking for all of the collectibles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Our guide is here to help with all the locations from crypts to caches for Cozumel.


If you can, try to get the Explorer Backpacks and Archivist Maps before going for the all the Collectibles, it’ll make finding them much easier.

Explorer Backpack

You’ll find the explorer backpack to learn the locations of items in the third room below the mural. You’ll need to repel down to get it.

ExplorerBackpackCozumel.jpg EBCozumelLocation.jpg

Base Camps

There are two Base Camps in Cozumel, maps detailed below:

The Cozumel Cliffs base Camp will be when you enter the explorable area, while the Trial Cavers are a bit further in.


This section features challenges for the given area.

Whistle in the Dark

Whistle in the Dark has you shooting down 5 death whistle carvings. Each will be hanging by a rope.

Whistle in the dark1.jpg

The first to start the challenge lies directly ahead of you in the first room.

The second you’ll find hanging above the south side of the second room across from the Carved Bowl underwater relic.

Whistle in the Dark2.jpg

After you finish the underwater section turn around to find the third.

Whistle in the Dark3.jpg

As you climb the bells in the third room look above you for the fourth.

Whistle in the Dark 4.jpg

Finally as you push the cart in the last puzzle, look directly ahead for the fifth.


Survival Caches

You’ll find the first two survival caches in the second room, one underwater and the other above it on land.

The third is a little trickier. After you create and cross the rope bridge in the third room, repel down to snag it.

SurvivalCache3.jpg SurvivalCache3Location.jpg


The first mural is in the first room on the left just before the first Death Whistle.

The second you’ll find on your right after you cross the rope bridge.


Both relics are found in the second room, one underwater and the other in the southeast corner.


The only document in Cozumel lies in the third room on your left just after the bell climbing section.

RearguardReport2.jpg Rearguard Report Location.jpg

Treasure Chests

To reach the treasure chest, cut the line of the rope bridge in the third room and make a new one to the area above the old hooking spot as shown below


Here you’ll find the treasure chest. Note that you’ll need a lockpick to open it so you’ll have to come back to get the item within.

Chest Map Location Item Inside
CozTC.jpg CozTCMap.jpg GoldMask.jpg
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