Shadow of War: 5 Free Content Updates Announced

The first three arrive next week.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will receive five free content updates before the end of 2017.

The first three updates — Endless Siege, Rebellion, and Enhanced Photo Mode — arrive on November 21, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today. Online Fight Pits, a new mode that allows you to pit your Orc followers against those of another player, will be released on December 5. Lastly, a new difficulty that’s “even more challenging than Nemesis with no last chances” will be added on December 12.

Shadow of War Free Updates and Features Infographic

The roadmap for Shadow of War’s post-release content

WBIE also revealed release dates for Shadow of War’s first two paid DLC packs. The Slaughter Tribe expansion will be released on November 21, followed by the Outlaw Tribe on December 12. Both expansions will be available for $15 USD or as part of the $40 USD Season Pass.

IGN’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War review said the sequel “expands on Shadow of Mordor’s already strong action and variety in lots of great ways.”

In other news from Middle-earth, Amazon has given a multi-season commitment to a Lord of the Rings TV series.

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