Shadowverse’s Mini-Expansion Is Coming – We Reveal a New Legendary!

Aggro Blood is getting more support.

Popular anime-infused CCG Shadowverse is doing things a little differently these days. In addition to releasing a new large set of cards every three months, the game also plays host to a smaller injection of new cards in-between to keep the meta changing. That time is almost upon us again, with 17 new cards coming into the game to follow on from the main Brigade of the Sky release at the end of June. Each of the eight classes receives one new gold and one new legendary card, with one new neutral gold card rounding things out.

Cygames has been kind enough to give IGN one of the new mini-expansion cards to reveal – the Bloodcraft legendary Thunder Behemoth. Check it out!

A power spike turn with delayed drawback.

A power spike with drawback the following turn.

As Shadowverse players would know, Bloodcraft is generally always strong in the Unlimited format, but is currently one of the least-played classes in Rotation. Simply put, it has a hard time competing against the strongest decks right now – archetypes like Puppet Portalcraft and mid-range Sword can put on a lot of minion pressure and have some big tempo swing turns, while Tenko Haven has healing for days to stay out of lethal range before converting it all to damage.

So, can Thunder Behemoth help bring Bloodcraft back to viability? Probably not on its own, but the effect is certainly powerful, so I could see this being at the end of an Aggro Blood curve instead of something like Vania, Nightshade Vampire.

This is a card that puts serious stats on the board when played on turn 5, and the three damage is a big deal too – you can clean up a follower or use it as reach. Sure, if you play it on turn 5 you’ll only have three play points on the following turn, but given the vast majority of your curve costs three or less, chances are you’ll still have something to play, and if your opponent can’t remove your Thunder Behemoth that’s a lot of damage coming in.

Here’s hoping the gold card Bloodcraft is getting represents another piece of this puzzle.

And here's a better look at the art. The evolved version is on the right (obviously).

And here’s a better look at the art. The evolved version is on the right (obviously).

Cygames hasn’t announced when the mini-expansion is launching (beyond “mid-August”) but you can expect it to be soon, and you can also expect to see more cards very soon so keep an eye on the Cygames Twitter account or the Shadowverse subreddit!

Let me know what you think of IGN’s card in the comments, and be sure to check out my recent article about why Shadowverse demands a lot of its players, but is better for it.

Cam Shea is Editor in Chief for IGN’s Australian content team and tries to spend as much time as possible in Japan. He’s on Twitter.

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