SomeOne creates branding for new “pro-working” space Fora

The London-based workspace chain aims to distinguish itself through “hotel-style hospitality” and being free from interruptions such as “people larking about or playing table tennis”.

Design studio SomeOne has designed the visual identity for new London-based shared workspace brand Fora.

Fora’s first space has just opened in London’s Clerkenwell, with five more set to open in the capital in the future.

The new branding has been applied to the interiors and signage, marketing materials and online platforms including the website and app.

“The closer you get, the more the brand disappears”

The intention of the brand design was to be understated, says Thomas Dabner, head designer at SomeOne. “The closer you get to the brand, the more it disappears, enabling you to get on with things uninterrupted.”

The logo is a minimal plus-sign, composed of two cross-shapes and two plus-shapes, all line-drawn. The symbol is based on the marks that were drawn on floor plans when designing Fora’s working spaces, says SomeOne co-founder Simon Manchipp. They aim to emphasise the “modularity” of the spaces, which can be changed, divided and left open-plan, and how they can “endlessly adapt to residents’ requirements”, he says.

This style is incorporated across the visual identity for various symbols, such as bikes and coat-hangers, used as wayfinding to indicate different areas in the workspace.

“A brand that does not shout”

A colour palette of navy blue, white and copper has been used, which aims to “reassure the more conservative resident” but also “give the more avant-garde a nod” with the use of copper, says Manchipp.

The branding “does not shout”, he says, but instead aims to represent Fora’s “calm spaces”, “professionalism” and “hotel-style hospitality”.

“Have you ever worked in a shared office space? It’s a chaotic nightmare,” says Manchipp. “There are constant interruptions and clashes of [office] culture. This is a space free from people shouting, larking about or playing table tennis. We crafted the branding to reflect this.”

The branding also aims to make Fora stand out from other shared workspaces in London, by highlighting its role as a “pro-working” rather than “co-working” space, with extra facilities such as a wellness studio and restaurant, meeting rooms, and services including printing and wi-fi.

The branding has now rolled out, and will continue to as future branches open.

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