We suggest you refer to the work of contemporary Russian artist Konstantin Razumov, in whose paintings femininity and purity are combined, though to be frank.

Information about the artist quite sketchy and contradictory. No official data on the Internet is not, and in a variety of sources versions are different. Because – personal information kept to a minimum: the artist today, around 50 years old, he lives and works in Moscow. His work, in view of subject, with sufficient demand, which, oddly enough, does not push the artist to the active promotion of his work as a commodity.

Razumov has developed his own distinctive style, which is based on impressionism and realism. This symbiosis is noticeable in all his paintings: portraits look realistic, while the background is usually carried out in a manner typical of the Impressionists.

With rare exceptions, the protagonists are women paintings Razumov. He painted portraits of girls, is the temporal and spatial framework. However, this is not the current profits rather a collective image of women dream of the artist. If you look closely, it becomes apparent that in various portraits of women have similar traits. This allows you to perform certain parallels with the way women (or femininity) in verse of Alexander Blok, which is a red line runs through all the work of the poet, gradually mutating, with the development of purchasing more and more tragic, mysterious and sinister features. Girl on Razumov pictures – more than ordinary, but is also not devoid of plaque “reality.”

The artist draws for themselves. He had seen enough to not build illusions about the female chastity, but in the basement of the images embodied by it is a kind of child-like purity and sincerity, which is reflected in the general impression that remains from the pictures. Said rare exception, by the way, are the children, koi images as favorite artists and are a kind of proof of the children’s attitude inherent in his work.

Painting by Konstantin Razumov not carry vulgarity, despite the blatant beauty naked female nature to some of his paintings. They are due to the style of the image, perceived rather fabulously, rather than naturalistic. No, the recipient with a rough internal organization necessary to pay attention to the fact that this “naked women”, but even in this case, the artist’s paintings cause rather vulgar chuckle about their content, rather than excitement.

Here, in fact, it can be seen that the femininity and sexuality – the phenomena are of the same order, but they are not identical. It all depends on the message, expressed in any of these features, from its internal promise, as well as on the moral and ethical content of the observer.

But, talk away! Let the painting by Konstantin Razumov will speak for themselves.

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