SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: 8 Biggest Reveals And Awesome Moments In The New TrailerSPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: 8 Biggest Reveals And Awesome Moments In The New Trailer

Earlier today, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures released the spectacular new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Packed full of huge story reveals and moments sure to get fans excited, this latest preview really sells the fact that this adventure is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That alone is a good reason to look forward to this release. 

However, this sneak peek also shows off key elements spoiling what’s to come here, not to mention some amazing and spectacular moments which deserve a closer look.

What you’ll find below then is my in-depth look at the eight biggest reveals from the action-packed new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. From story details to Easter Eggs and great scenes/nods to the comic books, this is your guide to the biggest and best moments on show along with what they might mean for the movie once it reaches theaters this July.

8. Spider-Man’s Not So Secret Identity

We’ve known since the first trailer that Ned (presumably Ned Leeds) learns that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but it’s here that we learn the wall-crawler is best known for being a YouTube star. That was hinted at in Captain America: Civil War when Tony Stark showed off some amature footage, so it should be fun seeing how he becomes known to the public.

Of course, the far bigger reveal in this new footage is the fact that The Vulture unmasks the young hero, something which might just confirm that Adrian Toomes won’t be sticking around long enough to join the Sinister Six! There’s a chance of course that he’ll unmask Spidey and not know who he is, but if Spider-Man: Homecoming is making things personal between them, that could pretty much seal the winged villain’s fate.

7. Ultimate Iron Man

Not too long ago, an action figure surfaced showing Iron Man in an armour which closely resembled his suit from The Ultimates. While most of us took this as confirmation that the hero would be getting a new look, there were those who pointed out that we’ve been fooled by toys on multiple occasions in the past (meaning it was best not to take such images too seriously).

Well, look closely and you’ll notice that Tony Stark is rocking that Ultimate armour here, though I have a feeling it’s getting destroyed. How else do you explain that shot of him and Peter travelling through New York as Iron Man and Spider-Man? It’s the kind of scene which looks like it comes right from the end of the movie, so I wouldn’t be surprised if The Vulture takes the new-looked Armoured Avenger down before Spidey saves the day! 

6. Captain America Cameo

We’ve known for ages that Iron Man will make his presence felt in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he’s once again featured heavily here as Sony looks to make a point of highlighting the fact this reboot is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he’s not the only member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to show up as we also get to see Captain America make a cameo appearance in a moment you have to believe would have been best saved for the movie itself.

Despite that, Chris Evans has donned his suit from The Avengers to appear in “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge,” a video clearly played to Peter Parker and his classmates in high school during gym class. It would have been nice to see the young hero cross paths with Cap for real, but with him on the run, that’s probably being saved for Avengers: Infinity War

5. Romance With Liz Allan

In the comic books, Peter Parker’s first love was Liz Allan. The girlfriend of Flash Thompson, she initially looked down on “Puny Parker” until eventually coming to her senses, but by that point, the young hero had moved on. Now, many of us suspected that Zendaya (looking uncharacteristically plain here) would wind up as Peter’s true love, especially as leaked photos from the Homecoming dance showed her looking a lot more glamorous.

The youngster being revealed as Mary Jane Watson – as has been rumoured – in a “Face it, Tiger…” moment would be very cool, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the plan as Peter can be seen here about to kiss Liz! There’s nothing to say that things won’t change, but for the time being, it seems as if we can forget seeing MJ or Gwen Stacy. 

4. The Vulture’s Plan

Recent interviews have pulled back the curtain on The Vulture’s plan, but so too does this trailer. When his Damage Control style company is put out of business by Tony Stark, Adrian Toomes decides to get some vengeance by using salvaged materials from various battles involving The Avengers to create some seriously formidable technology. How Spider-Man gets caught in the middle is hard to say, but it looks like Toomes has rounded up all his old employees/friends and given them some cool new gadgets too.

This could almost be the plot for a Sinister Six movie, but chances are they’ll end up being bit part baddies (like Shocker) who are quickly taken down by the wall-crawler. What Vulture hopes to achieve beyond getting some revenge on Iron Man is hard to say, but our next point may actually help shed some light on that! 

3. A High Stakes Final Battle

We’ve known since the teaser trailer that Spider-Man and The Vulture will square off on Coney Island, but this new look at the reboot points to the fight between the two being even more high stakes than we initially imagined. That plane Spidey is forced to take control of above New York City – which has to be a scene lifted from the final act – doesn’t look like a regular aircraft, so my gut tells me the villain wants something inside!

After all, it makes sense that he’s going to want to keep upgrading his suit and those belonging to his friends, so raiding some sort of military convoy adds up! Alternatively, he may just have chosen a random plane to distract/kill Spider-Man, but I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if this factors into the plot in a significant way…I just hope Iron Man doesn’t come in and save the day. 

2. The Suit Makes The (Spider) Man

Many fans were disappointed that Spider-Man’s homemade suit could barely be seen in Captain America: Civil War, but it looks set to receive a lot of screentime in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Seeing what the youngster came up with promises to be good fun, but what’s really interesting here is why Tony Stark takes it from Peter. Most of us assumed it was as a punishment of sorts, but it instead looks like he does so to teach the hero a lesson and, you know what, that’s actually pretty cool.

The wall-crawler has always made his own costumes and some fans recoiled at Iron Man supplying him with so much advanced tech. As a result, could Spider-Man end up with a new suit when all is said and done? One which doesn’t rely on tech and is instead much closer to his comic book counterpart? Alternatively, what if he gets a HUGE upgrade and winds up as the Iron Spider? Time will tell. 

1. Queens

In previous Spider-Man movies, the focus has been squarely on the hero’s adventures in New York City. As a result, we’ve spent very little time in Queens, a location fans of the character’s comic book adventures will be all too familiar with. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Homecoming looks set to change that, something which is evident from the wall-crawler swinging through the suburbs, an unfamiliar sight which should help differentiate this adventure from past efforts.

As great as it is to see Spidey swinging past skyscrapers, taking him to lots of new places (such as Washington D.C. which is in itself a massive departure) is exciting for a lot of reasons, so here’s hoping the reboot really takes advantage of that. That and the high school setting should help make things feel fresh and new, something the franchise needs. 

What was your favourite reveal or moment in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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