Starlink: All the Star Fox Exclusive Content

For users playing Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be treated to a very exclusive cameo from Star Fox and his team – as well as his enemies!

This page details what Switch users will find in their version of the game that is not available in other versions.

EditThe Arwing Ship

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The physical starter kit comes with a Fox McCloud pilot toy as well as the Arwing ship. Note that the Arwing ship can also be customized like any other fighter toy.

The digital edition of Starlink: Battle of Atlas also offers Fox and the Arwing (minus the toys). In addition to being able to play as Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy even show up in the opening cutscene for the game.

EditStory Mode Additions


The Star Fox crew is integrated into the core story for Starlink. Fox and company come upon the Starlink crew when the Equinox is under attack and fall down to the planet Kirite with them.

Fox’s role in this game has him pursuing his longtime rival – Wolf. You can help Fox out by starting the side quest called A Wolf in Atlas, which begins on the planet Haven.

EditPlaying as Fox


Even though Starlink’s story isn’t all about Fox, that won’t stop you from playing as Fox the entire game in the Arwing if you choose to.

Fox’s Pilot Ability is named Rock n’ Roll. Using it means a member of his squad shows up to join the fight for a little while.

You can also choose to sub out Fox as the pilot of the Arwing. Remember that if you do choose his starship, you can give it that classic Star Fox feel by unlinking the elemental weapons. That way, the Arwing will utilize the iconic green Laser Cannons.

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