Step inside our rubbish skip (sorry, gallery)

If you find visiting galleries a little intimidating, it’s worth heading to a rather novel, small-scale new venue in Hoxton Square in East London. The Skip Gallery is a…. gallery in a skip (to put it bluntly). The London-based artists Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker came up with the innovative idea after struggling to find an exhibition space last year. “I was thinking of a moveable gallery and that’s when I came up with the idea of a gallery in a skip and how it could be a series,” Borowski told the Evening Standard newspaper. Visitors can step inside and see hundreds of spindles on show (the exhibition is a homage to Borowski’s mother, Aliya, who died on the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca last year). The launch show—Na, I Don’t Want None of That Again—runs until 2 April. We understand, meanwhile, that the Fourth Plinth artist David Shrigley will take on the “skip” challenge later this year (watch this space). 

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