Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Over 80 Stages We’ve Seen So Far

Below you can find a list of all the Stages confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The many stages of the game range from representing franchises for playable Characters, as well as other titles in Nintendo’s games throughout their history. Sakurai has confirmed that every stage now has three versions, one of which is the “Omega” version (or Final Destination variant), and another that is the “Battlefield” version, which will include three main platforms above the central stage. The variants are comprised of a single long platform with no stage effects or hazards.

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In addition to this, you now have the ability to turn off stage hazards without altering the landscape. This will prevent entities like the Whispy Woods from blowing on the Dream Land Stage, or Pokemon from appearing on the Saffron city stage.

Sakurai has also confirmed that many stages will be returning just like previous Characters, although not every stage will make an appearance. This may be due to certain stages like the Miiverse stage losing its main function with the absence of the Miiverse community.

For more info on stages, images, hazards, and more – see the list of confirmed stages below, divided up by the series they represent:

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